Company culture

All-in-one working environment

We exclusively create a motivative and stimulative working place, encourage people to work in a public shared place with no limitation in positions for the most comfortable state of body, mind and soul.
We also have a strong belief that all-in-one working environment may be easier to communicate and transfer information, not to mention erasing all borders between employers and their bosses.



Language of communication

We mainly communicate in English with Vietnamese is the second priority. This, in a way, shows our professional performance, not only in the working quality but also the international constitution in our every individual products.





Green space accounts for 30%

We beautify our office with a small garden outside and various species inside to nurture and stimulate our staffs' working spirit. If they feel easy, comfortable, we get our target.






Leaders under 30

We believe that all success is not counted by ages, but experience. Our leader board is proud to be extremely enthusiastic, energetic with certain experience not only within Vietnam but overseas as well. Be the ones to get most updates from the world and with a sensitive mind, we believe to make our footprint in everywhere and every time we are in.





Work hard, play harder

We furnish as many as entertaining facitilies to comfort the staffs. No specific occasion is needed, we can hang out or even throw a party together. On International Women’s day, ladies are encouraged to get relaxed with cinema, karaoke or massage.