Where are real estate investors "dropping money" to expect big wins at the end of the year?

Not only has coastal land in the central provinces, condominiums in industrial "capitals" are the year-end target of real estate investors.

Recently, in many lands along the Central region with great potential for tourism, yet to be explored, are the areas attracting strong investors. These include Sam Son - Thanh Hoa, Cua Lo - Nghe An, Dong Hoi - Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Hue... Land prices increased unprecedented, there are areas where prices doubled in just 6 months.

In these markets, along with housing fever is a series of large projects that are landed by investors in the market. The common point of most of these resort projects is that they are developed according to a well-invested model of tourism and entertainment projects.

In Thanh Hoa, it can be mentioned as a super project of entertainment area of 1200hectares in Sam Son, invested by Sungroup. Vingroup is also conducting research and planning of a resort project next to Cam Luong fish stream, with an area of about 17.8hectares and another project in Ho Thanh area, Thanh Hoa city.

Following the big boys, a series of small businesses also rushed to build satellite towns on the axis of the 47th junction, South Song Ma Boulevard connecting the center of Thanh Hoa new city to Sam Son. It can be mentioned as Quang Phu - Sunrise Residence project in Quang Phu of Ha Thanh Financial Corporation - JSC is being aggressively opened for sale by investors with only about 8-9 million VND/m2.

Central coastal land plots are a magnet for investors' cash flow.

In Nghe An, the super-project of Cua Hoi entertainment area of Vingroup with a total investment of nearly VND 5,000 billion and a scale of 195.5 hectares preparing to deploy is also heating up the coastal land market. A series of projects adjacent to the Cua Hoi entertainment area have been developed by investors to "wave".

Recently Bao Khanh Hamico Group has announced the Cua Lo Beach Villa project of nearly 16 hectares. This is one of the leading Cua Lo hotel, villa and townhouse complexes with nearly 150 villas - town houses, 5-star hotel area of 3 hectares, 3-star hotel area of 1 hectare, 1 hectare for supermarket and 1 hectare for sport area. According to information from the investor, just after half a month of publication, the project has nearly 300 customers. This is the highest ever transaction number in Nghe An real estate market.

In addition to the hot coastal areas, the real estate market also witnessed the return of old markets such as Phan Thiet, Mui Ne in Binh Thuan, Ba Ria Vung Tau. If at the beginning of the year This witnessed a "rush" of dizziness, then moved to the last months of the year after the information of Phan Thiet airport was about to start and a series of other policy mechanisms pushed the real estate market here again.

Large-scale and well-invested tourism and entertainment projects are attracting tourists.

Evidently, after the first phase of boom at the end of the year, a series of projects have sprung up to phase 2. It can be mentioned as recently Hung Loc Phat has launched the Mui Ne Summerland Resort project phase 2. This is a entertainment complex. and party in the model of Lasvegas, miniature Macau with walking street and festival road of more than 2,000m, the first 10,000m2 water park in Phan Thiet, a giant restaurant on the river. According to information from the investor, although phase 2 has just started to release, the number of interested customers has exceeded expectations.

In addition to coastal land, another segment is also creating heat in some areas of "capital" of industrial parks which are apartments for workers, experts and foreigners. In this segment, the hottest is to mention the Binh Duong market when the new supply of apartments from the beginning of the year has been 5.3 times higher than the terraced houses despite the huge land fund for low-rise houses here, according to the JLL report.

Thanks to being the capital of an industrial park with a occupancy rate of over 90%, Binh Duong has a vibrant apartment market due to the needs of locals and workers and a huge force of experts. Evidence at the event announcing the Charm City complex to the market on July 21 has attracted nearly 1,500 investors, 3 times the amount of goods launched by DCT Group. This project also quickly sold out after a few months of opening.

Investing in apartments in industrial capitals is a piece of cake that many investors are looking forward.

Most recently, the Ruby Group has announced the market of Thinh Gia Tower with a scale of over 1,000 luxury apartments in the heart of Thinh Gia Residence urban area (Ben Cat town). The project is a 25-storey apartment block of which 21 floors of apartments with 1008 units priced from VND 18 million/m2, 3-storey commercial center with 34 shophouse units.

While Ben Cat is welcoming a series of "big" industrial parks, Thinh Gia Tower is the first and only high-class apartment tower in Ben Cat Town to date. Therefore, it is not difficult to explain when the project was announced to the market with impressive sales results, sold out in the first launch.

In Binh Duong, the price of apartments is only around 20 million. The apartment is located near the big road, convenient transportation, complete furniture, prices from 1.2 to 1.5 billion, can rent over 10 million/m2, profit margin up to 8-10% may have attracted real estate investors in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to invest money to buy apartments for rent.

It can be said that the real estate market at the end of the year is very exciting. Investors are tending to look for coastal provinces, which are the poorest lands in the country, rich in tourism potential but not yet exploited, low-cost apartment market but high rental profit margin.

According to the explanation of experts, this is inevitable. In most of the major resort markets such as Nha Trang, Da Nang, Quang Ninh or the apartment market of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City... the real estate price has been pushed up after a period of hot development, the room for increasing prices is no longer available. Currently, many new lands with great potentials but low land prices, strong room for price increase are of great attraction to investors.

According to Nam Anh