VBS - The first quartz powder manufacturer in Vietnam

As a pioneer in producing and trading quartz stone powder in Vietnam, VBS has made strong steps in its development path. New opening factory is equipped with state of the smart technology, which open a new era for the potential quartz stone market that is currently interested by domestic and foreign enterprises.

Picture 1: Plot of land used for buiding factory

Production plant information:
• Area: 7.5 hectares
• Capacity: 300,000 metric ton/year
• Main products: quartz stone powder and quartz slabs

Quang Nam – A golden land to build a dream

With a wide range of strengths and advantages, Quang Nam province was chosen by VBS as a potential place to boost business development. Quang Nam is located in the key economic areas of the Central region, has a favorable geographical position in transporting goods between the two main regions of the country, with 840 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, 820 kilometers from Hanoi and only takes 45 minutes - 1 hour to move to Tam Ky (30 kilometers), Danang (32 kilometers).

Picture 2: Quang Nam on the Google Map

In addition, Quang Nam where Tang Lan quarry located is one of the most abundant quarries in the central region. Taking advantage of its utmost, VBS can tackle transit time and delivery cost. Dong Que Son Industrial Park – Where VBS factory located which has been approved by the Prime Minister to widen the area from 211.2 6 hectares to 457.72 hectares in 2020. From there, Quang Nam will draw attention from investors to open a vibrant economic zone. Dong Que Son Industrial Park is adjacent to 1A National Highway, with 30 km away from Tam Ky railway station, which is convenient for goods transportation by road as well as by rail. Last but not least, setting up the factory in here also creates thousands of jobs for people in Quang Nam, which helps them improve their lives.

Vietnamese stone quintessence is processed by Korean technology

More than 90% of quartz powder are currently imported from foreign enterprises including India and Turkey. The tendency of using imported quartz powder is an enormous challenge for VBS when competing in terms of quality and price in this industry. Understanding market demand, VBS decide to apply advanced technology transferred from South Korea, recruit experienced employees and premium quality materials exploited from Tang Lan quarry - Quang Nam province

Picture 3: Quartz stone in original form

With modern and automatic machinery system transferred from Korea including
• Material automatic distribution system - With high accuracy and reliability
• Automated Bulk Material Mixing System ensure the finest color of quartz powder
• Forming system - superior to all types of machines in the country by acquiring technical facilities from Korea and another advanced countries.
• Polishing quartz machine - offering higher production rate, sophisticated processing, precision, perfection in surface stone floss
• Waste water treatment system - Remove contaminants from wastewater during operation and minimum impact on environment.

VBS Factory – A Commitment of environmental and sustainable development

In parallel with improving high standard of product quality, VBS also focuses on environmentally friendly factors in the operation process. The treatment of pollutants during manufacturing is strictly restricted to avoid negative impacts on the local area:
• Equipping industrial vacuum cleaner to limit the amount of dust emitted during the production process
• The residue during production process is put into the wastewater treatment system to filter and bring back to landfill lately.
• Wastewater treatment system has collected and processed up to 95% of reclaim water for manufacturing process and 5% of them for plumping into the city's pipeline system.
• Noise generated during the production process is overcome by the soundproofing architecture and the greenery system that helps reduce noise and create more aesthetic appearance for the factory.

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