Trend of developing smart trade centers

Green design, smart operation according to international standards is the trend in developing commercial centers today.

Vincom Retail Joint Stock Company has just announced the development of three new shopping centers, including Vincom Mega Mall Ocean Park, Vincom Mega Mall Smart City (Hanoi) and Vincom Mega Mall Grand Park (Ho Chi Minh City). All three new shopping centers will be put into operation in 2020.

According to the representative of Vincom Retail, the most outstanding feature of these 3 shopping centers is the construction of green space, besides intelligent operation. Vincom Retail wants to build a shopping center that is not only a shopping place, but also a place to enjoy art, creating different experiences when shopping.

Mr. Richard Wood, Director of CONCEPT-I designed Vincom Retail shopping centers, said that the leading design of Vincom shopping centers will be integrated with exciting experiences in a closed space.

For example, the LED system, the sound system, the lighting... and especially optimizing the natural light and not obstructing the view, making the space spacious, customers can look to the store. next. The store opens with a food experience space, which doesn't seem to have any glass doors or other obstacles, will create an extremely open space.

Meanwhile, the smart technology at Dai Phuc Group's commercial centers built in Van Phuc City urban area was also revealed by Ms. Nguyen Huong, General Director of Dai Phuc Land to reporters.

Specifically, Ms. Huong said, since the beginning of 2019, this enterprise has abandoned the old design, replacing it with a series of new designs, including focusing on smart technology management and operation into centers. trade, increase the amenities used to attract customers.

“We are determined to develop open spaces in shophouses as well as shopping centers, as well as intelligent interconnected booths and modern entertainment technology based on 3D technology as the core at the centers. trade center”, said Huong.

In addition, according to the data of CBRE Vietnam Real Estate Market Research Company, surveyed at a number of large commercial centers in Ho Chi Minh City, investors are increasingly allocating more space for the dining sector, from 19% of retail space in 2015, to 31% in 2018 and up to 40% in 2019 - the same area for fashion.

“Shopping malls are now not only shopping places, but also places where consumers come to eat, drink, watch movies...”, said Mr. Henry Chin, Head of CBRE Asia - Pacific Research Department said.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Yen Vy, Head of MESA Market Development Department, said that the application of technology to the construction of trade centers by businesses is a must, because the world has done very effectively.

According to Ms. Vy, the application of smart technology and the trend of being close to nature will create openness for businesses when they are not limited to the city center, but expand to suburban areas to develop. but still attract large customers to shop and experience.

Sharing the same view, Ms. Nguyen Thi Khanh Trang, Head of Research Department of Savills Vietnam, said that in the context of many retail centers growing in non-CBD areas, the direction to experience is more like solutions. mind, education, fitness... is a way to improve the occupancy rate of the stall, in line with the actual needs of consumers.

According to Gia Phu