The Ministry of Construction proposes to build an apartment of 25m2

The agency for the first time introduced a proposal to permit the construction of 25m2 apartments in the draft National Regulation on Condominiums.

The draft National Technical Regulation on apartments is being published by the Ministry of Construction for comments. In particular, the requirements for planning and architecture, the Ministry of Construction draft regulations, apartments must have at least one room, one toilet. Minimum area must not be less than 25 m2. In commercial housing projects, the percentage of apartments with area under 45m2 must not exceed 30% of the total number of apartments.

Previously, more than 2 years ago, when some localities and businesses proposed to allow investment in houses with small apartments, the Ministry of Construction responded that they could temporarily apply the standard of dark area. The area must not be less than 25m2 until the promulgation of national standards. 25m2 is also the minimum area for social housing apartments according to current regulations. Following that guidance, in the past few years, several agencies have implemented it.

In the Housing Law amended in 2014, the Ministry removed the minimum area limit of 45m2 for commercial apartments. The management agency also acknowledges the demand for apartments with small area (less than 45m2) is very large. This type of housing is aimed at low income, single people, young households with 2-3 members in big cities and industrial development areas.

However, the above opinion of the Ministry of Construction has received mixed opinions. The government of Ho Chi Minh City has repeatedly expressed the view that if the type of small-sized commercial apartment increases, leading to the rapid population growth, it will lead to great pressures on infrastructure and transportation. Meanwhile, the city is also expanding its population to the periphery so it does not want to develop small-scale commercial housing in the inner city.

In the draft National Technical Regulation on apartments, the Ministry of Construction also proposes standards for types of hybrid apartments such as condotel and officetel with an area of at least 25m2. In addition, office apartments also add a minimum working area of 9m2 and do not have a kitchen in officetel.

This is the first time the standards for condotel and officetel are mentioned in a legal document. For many years, this type of apartment has been boomed by businesses and launched tens of thousands of apartments, but the standards as well as the issuance of pink books, recognition of ownership period still have problems and controversy.

According to Vnexpress