The good news: Being optimistic about the new gold price increase

World gold prices have left their multi-week highs and plunged 2% amid recent political developments in the US prompting investors to pour money into the US dollar as a safe haven and decreasing the attractiveness of gold. Predicting the trend of gold prices this week, experts are still quite optimistic.

Source: Internet

Gold price today 30/9 still stands low as $ 1,496/ounce, almost unchanged compared to last week. Spot gold price in New York decreased by 8.4 USD/oz, equivalent to 0.6% reduction, to 1,496.9 USD/ounce. However, from the beginning of the year, the world gold price has increased by more than 17%.

Domestic gold price, closing the last trading session of the week, DOJI Jewelry was listed at: 41.50 million dong/tael (bought in) and 42.00 million dong/tael (sold out). Saigon Jewelry Company listed SJC gold price at VND 41.70 million/tael (purchased) and VND 42.02 million/tael (sold) in Hanoi.

USD and Pound appreciated The US dollar index, which measures the strength of the greenback against a basket of six major currencies, remained unchanged at 98,722. The pound rebounded from an earlier low, but remained in the red after Irish President Binha Simon Coveney said that the EU was ready to negotiate, but the US had not yet proposed a Brexit deal. The pound lost 0.1% to 1.2309, while EUR/USD rose 0.2% to 1.0947. The Japanese yen, considered a safe haven during times of market turmoil, has fallen, with USD/JPY down to 108.14.

On September 27, the central bank announced the central exchange rate of Vietnam dong and US dollar at 23,160 dong (up 5 dong). The reference rate at the State Bank of Vietnam is buying at VND 23,200 (unchanged) and selling at VND 23,800 (unchanged).

According to Hoang An