Real estate market: Real value is honored

Vietnam real estate market is showing remarkable improvements. Not only is the market liquidity good, inventory is falling, but there are more and more real businesses with quality projects.

According to real estate experts, undergoing a long period of purification, this is the time when real value really comes to the throne.

Meet real needs

The report of market research companies shows that 2019 continues to be a year when the real estate market develops in a real way. For example, in Hanoi, according to the report of CBRE Vietnam, the total number of apartments for sale in 2019 is expected to be over 32,000 units, equivalent to the period 2016-2018. The mid-end segment continues to lead the market, predicting about 65-70% of total new supply. This shows that the Hanoi market is still oriented to the segment of buyers to stay. Sales, therefore, are expected to reach about 28,000-30,000 units in 2019.

Another report by the Real Estate Brokerage Association also showed that not only Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, the real estate market of the provinces is developing very well. In addition to big cities such as Da Nang, Quang Ninh and Nha Trang,... cities like Bac Giang, Lang Son and Thai Nguyen... are also very active. This uniform development among regions demonstrates the attractiveness of the real estate market constantly increasing, the amplitude has been expanded, no longer confined to large areas that easily cause "virtual waves" as before.

Another good sign for the real estate market is that FDI capital has also increased. Only in the first 5 months of 2019, FDI inflows to real estate amounted to 1.138 billion USD according to statistics of the Foreign Investment Agency (Ministry of Planning and Investment). Especially, along with large investment capital, disbursement speed also increased compared to before.

Businesses are becoming more and more real 

Along with the development of the market, the real and prestigious investors with quality projects, are recognized more and more. According to real estate experts, this is one of the important factors that help the development of the market more sustainable.

"The more prestigious the investors, the more will be the focus on the quality of the project, meeting the needs of buyers and markets so that it will lessen the unreasonable heat wave, towards the obvious. Home buyers are who have real needs, they will also favor projects of prestigious investors in the market" said a real estate expert.

In fact, it is not difficult to identify reputable investors in the market today, the simplest way is through prestigious real estate awards that are held annually. Especially, along with the increasing attraction of Vietnam real estate market, the prestigious and long-term real estate awards also appear more and more.

Since 2015, PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards has gradually become a highly regarded property award from experts as well as domestic investors.

Vietnam Property Award 2018.

PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards is a prestigious real estate award organized by the annual PropertyGuru Group (Asia's leading online real estate group) to honor the values of the best real estate projects in Vietnam in the areas of: home residential, complex and commercial area. The award honors the excellence of leading real estate brands in Vietnam in the development and design, and recognizes corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. In addition, the program also recognizes exemplary achievements in design and construction, community construction, customer care and public works.

"Vietnam real estate market is developing very attractive, there are many projects that are really level of real investors. They deserve to be honored. With strict review and comprehensive evaluation criteria, VPA will bring to consumers the most rewarding projects and the most prestigious investors" - Mr. Jules Kay, recently appointed Director of PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards affirmed.

According to real estate experts, sustainable development, in fact is another impossible trend of Vietnam real estate market because home buyers or investors are increasingly smart and knowledgeable. Being honored by prestigious awards - where real value is honored will become a significant advantage for businesses in the context of fierce competition today.

According to Anh Duong - Nhip song Kinh Te