Real estate market in 6/2019: Land for land changes in all 3 regions across the country

The real estate market in June 2019 recorded the excitement of the apartment segment in the two markets adjacent to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City: Bac Giang and Binh Duong. The land plot segment has noticeable changes in some familiar markets.

Bac Giang and Binh Duong exploded supply of new apartments

If the apartment market in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is quite quiet when continuing with the shortage of new projects and transactions in open projects with no sudden growth compared to the previous months, the apartment market at bordering provinces, capital with strong industrial development recorded excitement.

In the south, the industrial capital of Binh Duong is a hot spot for supply and apartment transactions in June 2019. A series of luxury apartment projects launched such as Charm City, Happy One, C-Sky View...

According to a survey of reporter, not only is new supply exciting, in the secondary market, Binh Duong apartment price also set a new price level, 10-30% higher than the end of 2018. The average price is nearly 28-35 million VND/m2, far removed from the average price of the same period last year of 23-26 million VND/m2. Some typical projects such as Phu Dong Premier have a secondary price increase from VND 200-250 million/unit compared to the purchase price by 2018. Bcons Suoi Tien Project is currently reselling at the lowest price - VND 1 billion/unit while the starting price is only VND 800 million.

Binh Duong industrial capital is a hot spot for supply and apartment transactions in June 2019

A number of new projects launched in the first half of 2019 in Binh Duong are on par with high-end apartments in District 9 (HCMC). For example, Habitat offered for VND 29-35 million/m2 (not VAT), Compass One also offers an opening price of VND 30-35 million/m2, Opal Boulevard costs about VND 30 million/m2 (not including VAT).

Bac Giang is also a hot spot of new supply of high-end apartments in the Northern market with remarkable open-sale projects such as Bach Viet, Apec Aqua Park, Areca Garden... Different from Binh Duong which has a history of distribution. Long-term industrial real estate development, high-end apartment market towards high-class officials, expatriates in Bac Giang are in the initial stage, when this new lychee emerges as a attraction Strong FDI inflows recently. High-end apartments in Bac Giang have an average price of VND 15 million/m2.

Background land changes in all 3 regions across the country

The land market continues to record noticeable fluctuations in some familiar hot spots. By 6/2019, according to a survey of, residential land in District 9 has increased by 6-7 million/m2 compared to the beginning of the year. Online data of also shows that, at the time of January 2019, the average price of residential land (legal enough) in the district 9 area reached 30-33 million/m2. However, since the end of the second quarter, the selling price has changed in the direction of increasing sharply, averaging about 36-40 million VND/m2.

Specifically, the full legal residential land on Nguyen Xien, Phuoc Thien and Nguyen Van Tang lines is traded at VND 47-60 million/m2. The area of Hiep Phuoc ward, Le Van Viet and National Road 50, real transactions fall into the price range from 65-70 million/m2. Particularly in Hanoi Highway, the section from Rach Chiec bridge to Thu Duc crossroads, the transaction mainly falls into the price range of 75-90 million/m2... These prices have increased about 10% -15% compared to the time. the begin of the year.

Online data of shows that, at the time of January 2019, the average residential land price in district 9 reached 30-33 million/m2.

In the central region, Bac Van Phong (Van Ninh district) became the focus when Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee issued a document to temporarily suspend the conversion of land use purpose, split land, and transfer land use rights in the area. Accordingly, real estate transactions in Van Ninh (Khanh Hoa) were reopened from June 17. Immediately after the document took effect, the market began to circulate information of trading and price of Northern Van Phong land increased sharply. However, according to a survey by reporter, most of the transactions solved during this time came from about 900 records that were left in the freezing period. Traders are mainly local people to solve the separation of plots for family members or local households who have demand to buy in real places.

Currently resettlement land in Hai Trieu area is offered for sale from 14-14.5 million VND/m2, Dai Lanh resettlement cost from 7-10 million VND/m2... Many large land lots in Van Ninh, including 1 the part has been up to the residential area, the price offered from 3-4 million VND/m2; Land in Van Hung offers price of 2-3 million VND/m2... The market no longer recognized the massive cash flow with both forest land, garden land, and aquaculture land as before.

The northern market recognized the increase in the price of land in Quang Ninh, the land plots at the junction of Tuan Chau port, the price offered last year was VND 49-50 million/m2, now the transaction price reaches VND 52-53 million/m2. The prime location plots next to Highway 18A, near Bai Chay bus station in Ha Khau ward, prices have increased from VND 25-27 million/m2 to VND 27-30 million/m2. Plots in good location in Gieng Day Ward, prices also increased from VND 21-22 million/m2 to VND 24-26 million/m2. Land in Cao Xanh, Ha Khanh, in locations near the sea, within 1 year also increased by an average of 2 million VND/m2, ranging from 19-21 million VND/m2 to 21-23 million VND/m2.

In Cam Pha area, the price of Quang Hong urban area increased from VND 13-14 million/m2 to VND 15-16 million/m2, land in Cam Binh area, the price increased from VND 15-17 million to VND 17-19 million VND/m2, land facing Ben Gio beach, increased from 12-14 million VND/m2 to 14-15 million VND/m2...

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