Quang Binh real estate receives large capital flows

The mass of big real estate developers in the beginning of the third quarter of 2019 started to land in Quang Binh, making the regional market become hotter than ever.

Accompanying with the developers' landing is a large number of out-of-province visitors from the beginning of the "down" with new projects in Quang Binh.

Many large distributors participated in the game

In the first half of 2019, Quang Binh market welcomes a large unit that has started "exploring" the Quang Binh market which is Dat Xanh (including 2 developers of Dat Xanh North Central and Dat Xanh Da Nang) with projects. South East Le Loi and Muong Phong Thuy projects in Dong Hoi area.

With the potential of great advantages of the market such as a well-invested project, complete synchronization of infrastructure as well as legal assurance, plus a good and very quick sales strategy, the two projects above have been Interested customers receive huge. Including a large number of customers and investors from other provinces.

Quang Binh market is expected to be very exciting with competition from major real estate project developers.

Before Dat Xanh, in 2018, another big unit, First Real, was also present in Quang Binh market with two projects Sunrise Bao Ninh and Truong Thinh commercial housing area in Dong Hoi City. The presence of First Real is a "push" to make the Quang Binh real estate market become a "new focus" on the real estate map of Vietnam. The success of the two projects has shown the great position of the Quang Binh market in the overall real estate picture in the middle Vietnam as well as helping investors to pay attention to this emerging market. At the same time, an important contribution to the Quang Binh market accelerated in the first half of 2019.

After Dat Xanh, First Real, Linkhouse Mien Trung - a large real estate trading floor in Da Nang has also started to "play" in Quang Binh market with a new project in Ba Don area, Quang Binh.

Most recently, at the beginning of the third quarter of 2019, the Quang Binh real estate market continued to welcome three other large distribution and project development units in Da Nang, Truong Gia Phat, Thien Thanh Long and Dong Phong Land entered the market with the Golden Lake project in the central area of North Dong Hoi.

Golden Lake is a project that has been interested by many investors and customers inside and outside Quang Binh province during the first half of 2019 when this is the only project in the central region due to the completion of 100% infrastructure items; approved 1/500 detailed planning, environmental impact assessment report; issue a land use right certificate for each lot and is the only project performed by the investor who is eligible for the transfer.

Although all legal procedures have been completed before January 2019, however, after more than 8 months of preparation, until now this project has officially been publicized by 3 units of Truong Gia Phat, Thien Thanh Long and Dong Phong Land. announced to the market.

Liquidity continued to remain high

If 2018 is considered to be the time when the Quang Binh real estate market goes "against the market" when the trading volume reaches a record high, different from the gloomy situation of markets in the central region, In 2019, Quang Binh market has entered the stage of "creating a firm position" on the national real estate map.

A report from the Land Development Fund - Quang Binh People's Committee, said that the accumulated land use fee in 6 months is about 1,824 billion.

Golden Lake project will be officially introduced to the market in August-2019, this is the only project in the central market currently implemented by investors who have enough conditions to transfer as prescribed.

Some of the projects with large transaction volume recorded in the first 6 months were: Eastern Project on Phung Hung Street successfully auctioned 39/39 lots with VND 62 billion, an increase of 19.6 billion VND. with a reserve price; The Le Ky riverside project successfully completed 35/41 lots, gaining 92.3 billion dong, increasing 14.9 billion dong from the starting price; The Northwest Le Loi project successfully completed 84/84 lots with VND 119.1 billion compared to the starting price; The project of technical infrastructure of the O O area, Loc Ninh commune successfully auctioned 27 lots to VND 22.7 billion, an increase of VND 11.4 billion compared to the starting price; The project of creating land fund of Sa Dong - Bao Ninh urban area successfully auctioned 35/35 lots, collected VND 197.07 billion, increased VND 25.3 billion compared to the starting price...

Remarkably, right after these auctions ended, it appeared that many investors were willing to "pay a higher premium" to hold back the winning lots.

It can be seen that the aforementioned figures show a huge amount of transactions from the Quang Binh market in the first half of 2019. If 2018 only the central Dong Hoi market generates heat, almost the first half of 2019, this heat has spread to surrounding areas such as Quang Ninh and Bac Dong Hoi - Hoan Lao.

With the participation of many major developers, as well as great potential advantages from Quang Binh market (land prices are cheaper than localities in the region; complete project infrastructure; legal assurance; The second half of 2019 is predicted by industry experts, investors and customers to be the time when the Quang Binh real estate market will record explosive transactions and the market. This area will officially "overtake" the two markets of Da Nang - Quang Nam to become the "focal point" of the real estate market in the middle Vietnam.

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