Provinces and cities must publicize land planning schemes

The general planning, zoning and detailed planning blueprints must be posted on the website. Previously, the planning of construction, urban development management under the planning was required to be revised.

The Ministry of Construction has just issued a written request to the People's Committees of the provinces and cities to direct their attached functional units and specialized agencies to publish the general planning, subdivision planning and detailed planning under their approval of provincial and district levels on portal.

The content of information posted in construction planning projects or urban planning includes: Approval decision; Current state map; Organization chart of landscape architectural space; Land use planning map; Traffic map; General map of technical lines, pipes; Summary notes...

Currently, the Construction Planning and Urban Planning Portal of Vietnam has been updated by a number of data agencies including decisions, images of planning in the provinces.

Provinces and cities must post blueprints, zoning plans and detailed plans on web portal. Photo: Thuy Tien.

The Official Letter was issued to implement Resolution No. 83 of June 14, 2019 of the National Assembly at the 7th session of the XIV National Assembly; Directive No. 05 dated March 1, 2019 of the Prime Minister on strengthening the reorganization of construction planning, urban development management under the approved planning, the Ministry of Construction is tasked with building the electricity portal on national housing construction planning, urban planning.

Recently, some information on planning and adjustment of planning has become urgent. For example, the case of Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh urban area, Diplomatic delegation, Nam Thang Long (Ciputra)... was proposed by investors to adjust the planning, which was strongly opposed by most residents. After that, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc issued documents to direct the clarification of the incident.

Earlier, in May, at the National Assembly session, the National Assembly's Supervisory Delegation heard a report on the implementation of policies and laws on urban planning, management and use of land since the 2013 Land Law. In effect until the end of 2018, many National Assembly deputies also pointed out outstanding issues in land management, planning and land use.

Specifically, Representative Dinh Duy Vu (Gia Lai) cited the incomplete report, with 1,390 projects adjusting the planning from 1 to 6 times. After adjustment, the project always tends to maximize benefits for investors, minimize public areas and the interests of users such as increasing the number of floors, increasing floor area, dividing the apartments area, increasing construction density to reduce greenery area and the resettlement areas for people have the lowest infrastructure standards, utilities, construction quality...

Nghe An delegate Nguyen Thanh Hien said that 1,390 projects had adjusted the planning from 1 to 6 times to serve the group benefits. Beneficiaries were investors and related persons.

According to Lam Tung