Optimistic about the 2019 growth target

Regarding the socio-economic situation in 2019, the Prime Minister said that it can be affirmed that it would surely reach the high target of this year's target (6.8%).

At the regular meeting of August 2019, chairing the meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that the latest macroeconomic figures show that, despite being adversely affected by the global economy, Many international organizations still have a positive assessment of Vietnam's economic prospects in 2019.

The Government members unanimously agreed that our country's socio-economic situation in August and the first 8 months of the year continued a positive trend; All industries and fields have developed stably; business investment environment continues to improve, national competitiveness is raised. It can be affirmed that it will reach the high target of this year's target (the growth target assigned by the National Assembly in 2019 is 6.6-6.8%).

Some outstanding results in 8 months: The average consumer price index (CPI) in 8 months of 2019 increased by 2.57% over the same period, this is the lowest 8-month average increase in the past 3 years. FDI disbursement increased significantly, reaching 12 billion USD, up 6.3%. The value of capital contribution and share purchase by foreign investors reached US $ 9.51 billion, an increase of 80%. Import-export turnover of our country increased significantly, especially trade surplus increased sharply, reaching US $ 3.4 billion. Export turnover reached nearly 170 billion USD, up 7.3%.

The number of newly established enterprises and returning to operation continued to increase. There are 90,500 newly established enterprises, increasing 3.1% in the number of enterprises and 31% in registered capital. There were 25,500 enterprises returning to operation, an increase of 21.8%.

State budget revenue achieved fairly; domestic revenues were quite good, higher than the average level (Central budget revenue reached 66% of the estimate, revenue from crude oil was 81.3%; revenue from import-export activities reached 74.6%); The increase in budget revenue reflects the reality of our country's economy, especially the central budget revenue has exceeded the plan for 3 consecutive years.

According to Dinh Vu