Notes on receiving the house

At the end of the year, many projects come to the house to hand over to their customers. This is also the period when many problems related to quality, design, and area of apartments arise. In order not to be bothered by people, what should customers pay attention to when handing over houses?

When receiving a home, customers should check both inside and outside the apartment

Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc, General Director of Phu Dong Group Real Estate Joint Stock Company, the investor of many apartment projects in the South, said that when receiving houses, customers should pay attention to two issues, one is in the apartment and the other is outside the apartments.

For the inside of the apartment, upon receiving the property, the customer should read the description of the equipment that will be received when the investor commits to the customer in the previous purchase agreement. The first is to check whether each brand will receive the same or not. For investors who do not model houses, they will be able to change brands of equivalent quality, but investors who model houses with brands that have a contractual commitment, they must be checked correctly. The quality of each brand is in accordance with the commitment in the sales contract and the model house.

Next is to observe the apartment to see if the underground water pipe system, such as the air-conditioning drainage system, the sanitary water system for the bathroom, the kitchen... are subject to seepage, clogging and flooding. Then check the contours of the floor tiles, kitchen cabinets and whether there is a warping or not.

Carefully check the power outlet for electrical power. In addition, it is also advisable to check the number of electrical sockets and may require proper rearrangement of them, appropriate to the needs of the family. Check the system of ceiling lights, kitchen lights, balcony lights, toilet lights, to see if it works or has cracked.

In addition, it is also necessary to check the force of weak or strong running water, especially the force from a toilet cleaner. If the apartment is equipped with hot and cold water, must immediately check the pipe and see if the power line has a cool-resistant wire?

In addition, customers should also check the entire wooden floor of rooms that have pressed, subsidence, bulging, creaking, chipping and opening with wall wool, blistered by water or not. Is the door of rooms and windows fully fitted? Is the hinge buckled? Whether handle or screw is rusted. Check if the sliding door is scratched or the foot of the sliding door has an opening error on the bottom, does not weigh and is warped/misaligned..., if required processing.

For house walls, when receiving a home, customers should check whether the wall is cracked or not, if cracked, require immediate treatment to avoid water damage and damage to the wall paint. Check whether the paint on the wall or ceiling is dirty, scratched, or paint is not flat or not. Check if the ceilings are flat or not to request repainting.

One thing to note for customers, is that with the ceiling, most apartments are making plaster ceilings, with gypsum ceilings will use the ceiling suspended bar system. Customers should throw the bald stick to the ceiling to see if there is an error or not, if there is an error, there will be a squeaking sound and require immediate repair. Besides, it is also necessary to check that the ceiling and walls are similar in color, to the color deviation.

In addition, the area of the apartment must be measured to see if it matches the area of the contract.

For the outer part of the apartment, which is a basic common utility, it is necessary to check whether it is as committed by the investor in the contract. Check the parking lot, check your fire protection box, like testing a fire alarm to see if it works; try the sprinkler head when there's a fire, open the fire box in the corridor (the location closest to your apartment) to see basic equipment such as faucets, fire hammers... have you got it?

Regarding the elevator, it is necessary to check whether the opening and closing of the cabin is abnormal, when pressing the elevator up and down, on the right floor, in the lobby.

“A note to customers, this is the new elevator operation, so before entering the elevator, no matter how hurry you should also look carefully when the cabin door is open, the elevator has arrived yet. This is extremely important and should be noted to avoid unfortunate accidents that may occur”, Mr. Phuc said.

Also according to Mr. Phuc, customers also need to consider carefully the project operating costs such as motorbike and car parking prices, cleaning fees are reasonable or not.

In addition, customers should check whether the project has been completely completed or not, have a test for firefighting. If not, the customer should ask the investor to fully complete the new home.

According to Gia Huy