Investing in second home is the trend of the era

In recent years, Vietnam's tourism has developed strongly, leading to increasing demand for second home ownership, especially in the locality with beautiful beaches, cool climate, and tourism advantages. Flexibility in purpose of use, converging both spiritual value and investment value, bringing significant sustainable cash flow to owners is the advantage of second home.

Second home trend of the era

Regularly faced with pressure and stress, air pollution, people in big cities tend to leave the city, with family vacation every weekend. Therefore, a second home is easily connected to the traffic of many people. This trend has started in the world since 2000 and appeared in Vietnam about 10 years ago.

Savills reports that Vietnam is a suitable destination for those who want to own second home resorts. First of all, Vietnam has an increasingly diverse domestic and international route, visa policies tend to be open and infrastructure is completed quickly, especially in tourist destinations and economic centers.

According to Mr. Le Hoang Chau - Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA), Vietnam has the advantage of extremely large tourism. It is a smokeless industry and we can fully calculate investment in a second home.

The current type of second home is quite diverse, ranging from resort villas to hotel apartments, townhouses... so not only rich people but also middle-income people can own.

One of the typical second home models, next to the sea and near the airport

Vietnam also inherits a tropical monsoon climate and a long coastline with many famous beauty spots. Savills data shows that 70% of international tourists resort in the coastal areas of Vietnam. So coastal second homes are preferred. Besides, to meet the diversified needs of customers and easily exploit business, second home is usually built in resorts and entertainment. Some larger-scale projects will include additional golf courses to attract investors.

The biggest difference of second home compared to any other real estate product is the flexibility of use, which is the convergence of both spiritual and investment value by dual profitability, bringing a sustainable cash flow for owners. And this distinct advantage makes second home a promising "bright spot" for the resort real estate market in Vietnam.

The infrastructure is perfect to lead second home investment to Cam Ranh

Cam Ranh Real Estate Market is developing sustainably based on three factors. Firstly, land prices have increased steadily, but still lower than other markets in the same segment. Secondly, the construction progress of the projects here is very dynamic, the appearance changes markedly every day. The third is the planning of synchronous infrastructure, transport facilities and the boom of aviation and the advantages of tourism development.

In fact, the projects located at the gate of the international airport are always welcomed by buyers, because these places have fast growth in trade and services. Next to T2 international station with a capacity of up to 4.8 million passengers per year and meeting the target of 8 million passengers per year by 2030, the upcoming runway project No. 2 will be put into operation this year.

In terms of tourism potential, Cam Ranh real estate market is benefiting greatly from the existing tourism advantages. According to Khanh Hoa Department of Tourism, in 2018, the province welcomed about 6.3 million visitors, of which about 2.8 million international visitors increased by 138% compared to the same period in 2017. In the first 4 months of 2019, Khanh Hoa welcomed 2.14 million tourists, an increase of nearly 11.7%; in which there were 1.18 million international visitors, an increase of 22.9% over the same period in 2018. Particularly, the Korean tourist market has nearly 56,500 arrivals, 3 times higher than the same period in 2018, which is great advantages to the second home edge golf profit mining.

Cam Ranh International Airport - the main driving force for real estate and tourism in Khanh Hoa

According to the general planning of construction of Cam Ranh bay area, by 2025, it will develop into a commercial, service, industrial, transport hub, a regional and international sea tourism center.

Currently, rental rates for hotel rooms and villas in Bai Dai, Cam Ranh are not lower than Nha Trang, even more places. However, the resort property price in Cam Ranh is cheaper than Nha Trang, attracting investors to find Cam Ranh Beach. However, Bai Dai Cam Ranh market is also very exciting with the convergence of many types of real estate combining golf and entertainment.

Second home is next to golf, seaward

In front of the strong development of tourism and the completion of infrastructure, Bai Dai Cam Ranh attracted a lot of big real estate guys with many super projects. In particular, it must mention the Great KN Paradise urban - entertainment - resort complex of 800 ha adjacent to Cam Ranh international airport. KN Paradise combines golf tourism with 5-star resort services and exciting entertainment activities, local cultural festivals create a series of continuous services to enhance the experience, extending the length of stay and spending of visitors to bring sustainable mining value to investors and contribute to local economic development.

Surprisingly at KN Paradise, with the diversification of products, customers fully own the marine property next to Golf with only the investment cost of a conventional beach house. That is the Para Grus beach house - KN Paradise's first real estate subdivision.

Para Grus beach house owns a state-of-the-art utility system and is close to the national airport Cam Ranh International. Details at the website:

The attraction of Para Grus beach house is to bring the full value of life of a house - a place full of utility elements of living space and bring new experiences. Owners can be flexible in their intended use while enjoying a wide range of different, class and family vacations, and can earn profits by renting or doing business in the time they are not in use. Thanks to the available tourism advantage, the value of real estate increases over time. Especially with attractive investment costs, not only rich people but also middle-income earners still own.

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