Happy birthday to employees born in March and Happy Internation Women's Day

Happy birthday to employees born in March and Happy Internation Women's Day

As part of a series of internal activities, VBG organized a cozy birthday party for members whose birthday is in March.

The sweet party was held in the excitement of all employees at the company. At the birthday party, the Human Resources Department on behalf of the company presented practical gifts and best wishes to the members whose birthdays are in the month.

Employee birthday in March

Through events like this, it can be seen that the board of directors not only focuses on internal activities but also spends a lot of time to take care of each individual at VBG. Besides, VBG also wants to affirm that people are an extremely important factor for the present and future development of the company.

The whole company on birthday party.

In addition, March is also known as the month of talented, beautiful ladies. Combined with meaningful birthday, the corner of the bulletin board is also decorated with handmade flower vases with the sweetest wishes to each female employee in the company. There the wish says "Every Home, Every Heart, Every Feeling, Every Moment Of happiness is incomplete without you, Only you can complete this world", congratulations International Women's Day all VBG Investment Joint Stock Company.

Internal news board

Thank you to the Board of Directors for always having meaningful and motivating activities to care for the life of all members of the VBG family.

Year-end Party 2019

Year-end Party 2019

For many businesses, the year-end party is an indispensable culture, this is no exception for VBG investment joint stock company.

We choose a beautiful day at the end of December to celebrate the party, also to welcome a new year with many new promising victories. This party is a time for us to look back on the results of the whole year, a thanks from the board of directors to the company's staff and a bond between the all VBG members.

1. Year-end party is a place for people to look back on a working year.

The year-end party is a time for members of the company to summarize a year of working achievements, find out limitations in the old year to strengthen experience and to set goals in the new year. Therefore, we always bring to the party the funniest and most exciting party content and games to celebrate the company’s success and growth, and also to get ready for a better new year.

2. The relationship between VBG members becomes more and more cohesive.

Our party has so many fun activities, mainly playing in groups, music, dance, and eye-catching dining parties. We pay attention to the opportunity for every individual members exchange and talk with each other, giving each other the best times in the year-end party.

3. Get ready to welcome a new year.

Year-end party is a party for all members of VBG Investment JSC to look back on a past year and look forward to a new year with more success and luck. Year-end party is a place for people to regain their spirits and set stronger goals for the next year. Everyone together strives to reach to bring the company thriving.

Sapa, Vietnam - Summer Vacation 2019

Sapa, Vietnam - Summer Vacation 2019

Located in the northwestern of the country, Sapa is a part of Lao Cai province, a land of humility, quietness but containing many wonders of the natural beauty. The cool and fresh climate with an average temperature of 15-18°C all year round is such an invaluable resource here. The natural landscape of Sapa combining with the creativity of people along with the mountainous terrain and the green of the forest somehow creates an breathtaking and poetic area.

Escaping from the heat up to 40°C of the capital, VBG Investment Joint Stock Company chose Sapa as an ideal stopover this summer. This tour partly helped all employees of the company feel relaxed, comfortable, energize and connect them altogether to conquere the roof of Indochina - Fansipan Mountain!