How will the 5G network affect the real estate market?

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According to Savills Vietnam, the introduction of 5G mobile network will have a significant impact on real estate investors. The latest advance in the mobile telecom industry will increase connection speeds by up to 100 times that of existing 4G networks, meaning that users can download a movie in seconds.

Chris Marriott, CEO of Savills Southeast Asia, said: "The speed and efficiency of 5G networks will be far greater than existing mobile networks and this will bring some practical advantages to real estate owner".

Mobile telecommunications revolution

In Asia Pacific, Korea has an advantage in leading 5G network deployment. The country launched its 5G network last April, with three million citizens moving to the network later this year. Some parts of Australia will have 5G networks by the end of this year. Meanwhile, China, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong will deploy 5G programs next year.

An Intel study showed that 95% of senior officials in technology businesses believe that 5G will be one of the most important technologies in the next 50 years. Much of the technology that makes use of 5G has not been created yet, but it is currently visible that 5G will affect real estate in certain ways.

5G networks will need space

5G networks impose certain infrastructure requirements, which can benefit building owners, as 5G networks need a network of more nodes, with smaller nodes. This can provide additional income for the homeowner. To improve data transmission, 5G networks will also need smaller data centers but are closer to consumers, providing another potential revenue stream for owners of suitable real estate.

Buildings will become smarter

One of the most important applications of 5G will be the Internet of Things (Internet of Devices). For real estate managers, this means a smarter building management system with more data. Together with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, this can save significant costs in the long run.

Marriott adds: "The 5G network will provide richer and more immediate data. This data can be used to regulate heating and air conditioning, automate security and improve court performance. In Southeast Asia, the cost of conditioning in commercial real estate projects is quite large, so improvements will be easily recognized by developers".

Cities will become smarter

Devices using 5G networks will play a very important role in the development of smart cities, where big data is used to handle traffic, waste, water coordination and energy. Sensors across the city will be able to transmit real-time data to the city management software.

5G network drives unmanned revolution

The data transmission capabilities of 5G networks will enable unmanned vehicles to communicate with each other and with the smart city network more quickly and get more data to move safely on the streets. Future cities with fewer cars will be a revolution for real estate, as the lower number of vehicles will free up the valuable space currently occupied by roads.

According to Lan Nhi