How to buy a house without risks?

Many customers accept to pay a higher price to own a completed apartment, receive houses immediately to avoid legal risks as well as the construction investor is behind schedule.

Why do buyers "like" the completed apartment?

Customer psychology is influenced by many different factors, of which the legal element is their top priority, especially for real-life buyers. In order to minimize risks, many customers have tended to look to completed projects to make transactions with investors. A project carried out by a reputable investor will ensure the project progress, timely handover of the building, and operation of the building in accordance with the commitment signed with the customer.

In addition, in the projects that have been operated, homebuyers will also easily find out the project through the information provided by residents living there. From the quality of housing, designs, daily operations, to the reliability of the fire protection system... all are easily certified.

That is the reason, many home buyers now tend to look for apartments that are about to be handed over or already delivered in. The residential projects have been in, the remaining units sold by investors recorded a high absorption and the price is also significantly different from the time the foundation was sold.

The projects that residents have lived in, apartments sold by investors recorded high absorption and the price is also significantly different from the time when the foundation is sold.

Overall view of the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City at this stage, the South, in particular District 7, is considered to be an area with a large number of apartment projects coming or completed. A series of medium and high-end projects were offered about 2-3 years ago, many developers continue to sell the remaining apartments when the surrounding residents have come in. According to practical records, the projects that have been completed and put into stable operation in this area always attract the attention of many customers who buy and stay immediately.

For example, recently TTC Land offered the remaining 40 apartments at the Jamona Heights project located in the 7.6 hectare Compound area on the Jamona Golden Silk River, District 7. It is known that the secondary price this unit offers to the completed apartments, receiving immediate housing is from 32 million VND/m2 (area from 52-96m2), payment of 30% (or about 800 million VND), buyers get housing immediately. The representative of this unit said that currently all utilities of the project have been put into operation, so it attracts the attention of real buyers and sublease investors.

In the same area, the Q7 Riverside project is also offering the remaining units of the project with prices ranging from 35-38 million VND/m2. Or on Nguyen Thi Thap street (District 7), the Cosmo City project was handed over in 2017, currently transferring the remaining apartments at the price of 34-36 million dong/m2.

On the same route, Hung Phat The Golden Star is transferring the remaining apartments, paying 95% at the price of VND 38-40 million/m2. Another completed project, Luxcity, is also trading at VND34-36 million/m2.

As noted, in this area, the projects were basically completed or handed over to fierce secondary price competition houses. The same route but the secondary price difference apartments 2-8 million/m2, some investors offer flexible payment methods to attract customers, compete with "rivals" such as: Pay 20-30% of the house, the bank will support 50-70%, complete high-end furniture... instead of paying one-time or rough delivery.

Discussing the story of buying a completed apartment is a solution to avoid risks for buyers, a representative of Phu Dong Group said that buying a completed apartment will be convenient for customers, and will have houses to avoid. legal risks as well as construction investors are behind schedule. However, having the right housing means that most customers have to pay 95% immediately to receive the house. Very few investors have flexible support methods, breaking down the payment period.

What should the buyer of the apartment complete?

According to the analysis of Phu Dong Group representative, buying a completed apartment, coming in immediately means that the buyer accepts the value of the apartment will certainly be at least 20% higher than the finished apartment sale. Even in some projects when completed, the price has increased by 50% -60%.

This representative took for example from Him Lam Phu Dong project, the first stage of completion is selling the price of 1.1 billion dong/unit, until the time of handing over the house, the price increased to 1.65 - 1.7 billion dong/unit. And now when residents have entered the crowded, the price of the apartment is 2.2 billion/unit.

Besides, there are unfinished projects with transfer price increasing by 15% -20%, expected to hand over at least 30%. However, the projects with good location, transfer prices fluctuated around VND 2 billion/unit, fully functional and went into operation, always attracting the special attention of real buyers and real estate investors.

The psychology of buying apartments has been completed to limit legal risks and the construction progress is becoming the trend of buyers in the current implementation, despite accepting higher prices than completing the foundation sale.

“People who buy apartments to invest in or stay in today are very smart, they always find the safest and best solution to invest, which is to choose a reputable investor, clear legal, high commitment of the investor”, said Phu Dong Group representative.

Legal of the project, whether completed or under construction, is still a factor of particular interest to buyers. This is also the factor that businesses and experts recommend to home buyers. A lot of cases accumulate half a life to buy an apartment, but after buying it, buyers still have to wait and see.

Therefore, finding reputable investors also partly solves the stable legal problem for home buyers. Objectively speaking, in completed projects, residents in the east, with investors who have implemented large-scale projects on the real estate market, the "confidence" on the legality is still higher.

However, it is also undeniable that some projects after finishing the construction of the raw part without capital, stopping construction, covering up matings for a few years and then transferring them to new investors, forcing new investors to be completed. Only finished sales. This will be related to the quality of the building as well as the life of the apartment.

Therefore, according to experts in the industry, legal, reputation of the investor is still the factor that buyers need to pay the most attention when deciding to "spread money" in which project.

According to Ha Vy