HoREA proposed bidding for both BT project and payment for land bank

Recently, HoREA has sent a dispatch to the authorities about the Draft Decree related to the BT project.

Source: Internet

Accordingly, the Association proposed to abolish the regulations on determining the value of the expected land fund equivalent to be paid in Clause (3.a); (3.b), Article 5, Draft Decree. Proposing to supplement the regulation "Land fund expected to pay BT project must conduct land auction or bidding for projects using land concurrently with bidding of BT project at the same time of bidding" in Clause 3, Article 5, Draft Decree.

HoREA said that the Draft provides a method for determining the value of the land fund to be paid to investors in the same way as the method of determining the "reserve price" specified in Clause (2.a), Article 24, Decree 151/2017/ND-CP.

However, in practice, the reserve price for land bank is often lower than the winning price. Therefore, if this content is adopted, the result of determining the value of paid land fund in practice will not guarantee the "principle of equal price, according to the market price at the same time".

According to Thanh Nguyen