Within 3 years, Hanoi has built over 8.8 million m2 of housing floor

In the afternoon of 6/8, Hanoi Department of Construction held a conference to review the housing development program and plan of Hanoi city in the period of 2016-2020.

According to the Hanoi City Housing Development Program for the period to 2020 and orientation to 2030 approved by the Prime Minister, the target of newly constructed housing floor area is 6,220,861 m2 of society housing floor.

Of which, 976,992 m2 student housing floors; 567,539 m2 of floor for workers; 4,676,330 m2 of low-income houses; 1,200,000 m2 of housing floor for resettlement; 20,418,000 m2 of commercial housing.

The norm of per capita area of the whole city is 26.3 m2/person, (urban area reaches 29.1 m2/person; rural area reaches 22.1 m2/person). At the same time, striving for the quality of solid houses in the city up to 91.2%, completing the temporary and simple houses.


The results show that in the period of 2016-2018, the whole city invested in constructing new houses according to the project of about 8,803.602 m2 of floor area, about 77,524 units (of which: 74,851 apartments and 168 rooms for students, 2,673 low-rise houses) to accommodate about 310,100 people in the Capital with new housing and about 2,016 students to rent.

The city has made a breakthrough in solutions to meet the needs of housing fund to serve the needs of resettlement of key projects and infrastructure.

Specifically, the City People's Committee proactively proposed the City Party Committee and the Prime Minister to implement the mechanism of order and policy for commercial housing construction to create a resettlement housing fund.

Currently, the City has supported and invested in social housing development from the proceeds from commercial housing projects implemented by the method of payment equivalent to the value of the residential land fund of the project for distribution. Social housing development (currently 2,050.67 billion VND has been contributed to the social housing development).

According to the plan, in the coming time, the Department of Construction will continue advising the City People's Committee to focus on urging the investor to report on investment supervision and evaluation under the Investment Law, accelerate the project implementation schedule to The city soon invested in completing 2,947,978 m2 of floor in ongoing projects to supplement the city's social housing fund in the period of 2016-2020.

At the same time, synchronous solutions will be implemented to supplement about 1.67 million m2 of missing floor compared to the approved 2016-2020 Plan.

According to Tam An