Suburban land in Hanoi increased

Suburban land price increases

With the policy of bringing a number of suburban districts to the district in the near future, some suburban districts of Hanoi have been increasing housing prices in recent years, the rate of searching land and residential land in the areas. This area also increased many times.

This is understandable because these areas are being invested in urban infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and large-scale new urban projects. These include the Southwest axis of Hanoi in Ha Dong area (connecting Van Phu area to Phu Xuyen district) and the Xa La to Nguyen Xien section; Pham Van Dong elevated road; Project on a road connecting Ngoc Thuy dyke to Thuong Thanh urban area (Long Bien); The Nguyen Van Huyen project lasted long; Cat Linh - Ha Dong railway is about to operate; Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area (Gia Lam); Vinhomes Sportia Urban Area Tay Mo Dai Mo, Thanh Ha Urban Area,...

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These are all big and important constructions of Hanoi city that are very pervasive and connect important urban infrastructure of the Capital. Along with that, the start-up of construction of many other major transport infrastructures such as Ring Road 3.5 in the West, 4 bridges connecting the East with the Central...

Therefore, the price of residential land and project land in many districts and suburban districts tends to increase, some areas have local hot phenomenon. A survey of in the second quarter of 2019 showed that residential housing in Dong Anh, Ha Dong, Long Bien, Nam Tu Liem, Bac Tu Liem and Hoai Duc districts are of great interest. on the market.

In the first half of 2019, the number of people looking for real estate in Dong Anh increased sharply, from 1.5 to 2 times compared to the last months of last year. Dong Anh is also among the top localities with large number of real estate seekers nationwide. Data from the real estate listings also show a trend of higher land prices in suburban districts.


Specifically, from 2015 to 2018, the price of townhouses in 5 central districts including Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Hai Ba Trung, Dong Da and Cau Giay increased by 7-17%. Meanwhile, in non-central districts, including Ha Dong, Bac Tu Liem, Thanh Tri, Gia Lam and Dong Anh, the price of townhouses increased from 19% to 64%.

Considering the average price ground, Ha Dong district has the highest housing price (about 105 million dong per m2). In Gia Lam, this figure is currently reaching approximately VND 60 million per m2, compared to VND 35 million in 2015.

Statistics of this unit also shows that housing in the alley in the central districts has almost stood still for the past 3 years, in Hoan Kiem, Cau Giay, Dong Da, Ba Dinh and Tay Ho, prices increased by only 1-7%. Meanwhile, real estate in alleys and niches in suburban districts has increased sharply including Nam Tu Liem, Hoang Mai, Bac Tu Liem, Long Bien, Ha Dong, prices increased from 13% to 16%. In these areas, the selling price currently ranges from 55 to 73 million dong per m2.

Investors come to Hoa Lac, the land price is "blown up"

Since the real estate market crisis (2012) to date, land of Hoa Lac, Ba Vi almost "frozen" after being hot in 2008-2010. However, real estate investors have been stirring up with the real estate transactions in this area since the beginning of the year until now.

Some real estate trading floors believe that in recent months, the real estate market in this area has suddenly returned, even some areas near the Hoa Lac hi-tech park, National University of Ha Noi, along Highway 21 and Thang Long Boulevard is still quite exciting.

According to the explanation of real estate brokerage here, because many investors recently come to the area around Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park to "hunt" land to catch up the development potential of this area. Because they expect infrastructure development, satellite towns in this area are being promoted.

In particular, it is worth noting that the construction of factories in high-tech zones, such as VinGroup's smartphone factory, was groundbreaking in June on an area of over 15 hectares in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, a 200 million USD Hanwha Aero Engines aircraft engine factory project of a Korean corporation was just inaugurated at the end of 2018, Hanoi National University is also being submitted to the management agency for plan adjustment in the direction: not only include the current member units of VNU, but also a reserve land fund for a number of prestigious universities to have facilities in the university urban area...

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The fact that investors come to buy and sell land in Hoa Lac has made the asking price of land plots in this area tending to increase, even speculators can take advantage of this to "blow the price" of higher land.

The survey showed that in some areas in Hoa Lac, the current land price has increased by 20% to 30% compared to the end of 2018 and early 2019. For example, the area near the high-tech area on the road connecting the Boulevard Thang Long with Highway 21 has a price ranging from 23-25 million VND/m2, increasing 3-5 million VND/m2 compared to the beginning of the year; Phu Cat (Quoc Oai) land price ranges between VND 8-9 million/m2 for types of land auctioned and resettled; The area near the National University is about VND 9 million/m2; Some resettlement projects near provincial road 420 and national highway 21 of Thach That range from VND 15-17 million/m2 ...

Land price in this area increased from 2 to 7 million VND per m2 depending on the area. This has created a new level of housing prices in Hoa Lac. According to a broker here, the number of investors and speculators of Hoa Lac land has increased recently. They often have to "down" a large amount of money of about 1 to 2 billion to be able to own the land here because most of them are investors trading in land with land use right certificates. However, they often "surf" quickly after 1 to 2 months of investment, each transaction can earn from 150-200 million. The actual number of buyers to live in this area accounts for a small portion, only about 15-20%, the majority of investors are from other places.

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