In 2021, the railway of Hanoi - Hoang Mai station will be started

It is expected that the urban railway line of Hanoi - Hoang Mai station will be started in 2021 with a total investment of more than 1.7 billion USD. Recently, the City People's Committee Hanoi has submitted a report to the City People's Council on the addition of the urban railway project section of Hanoi - Hoang Mai station to the list of investment projects funded by local government loans (ODA and foreign sponsors).

It is expected that the total project investment is more than USD 1.7 billion (equivalent to more than VND 40,000 billion). In which, 271 million USD (over 6,000 billion VND) is reciprocal capital of the city budget, more than 1.4 billion USD (more than 32,000 billion VND) is ODA loan.

In August 2018, the design of the No. 3 railroad train was given out for people's opinions. Source: MRB

Regarding the route structure, the length of the main section is 8.7 km, of which, 8.13 km is the underground length, 0.57km is the length of the open tunnel leading into the depot.

According to the planning proposal, the alignment includes the entire underground route along the corridor Tran Hung Dao - Tran Thanh Tong - Kim Nguu - Tam Trinh; dual tunnel pipes go parallel, underground through the intersection of O Dong Mac, Mai Dong and end behind the belt 3 with 7 underground stations (Hang Bai, Tran Thanh Tong, Kim Nguu, Mai Dong, Tan Mai, Tam Trinh, Yen Department); 1 depot area is about 10hectares (arranged in the back, close to Yen So pump station).

The railway section of Hanoi - Hoang Mai station is part of Hanoi Railway Project 3. The length of route 3 Nhon - Hanoi - Hoang Mai station is 26km, including 26 underground stations, the Nhon - Cau Giay section goes overhead. The Nhon - Hanoi Station is currently being implemented by the city with ODA loans from France.

It is expected that the railway project of Hanoi - Hoang Mai station will be implemented from 2021 - 2025. Hanoi will have 9 urban railway lines according to the city's transport planning Hanoi by 2030, with vision to 2050. But only 2 projects have been implemented, namely Nhon - Hanoi station (line 3) and Cat Linh - Ha Dong railway project (line 2A).

According to Vnexpress