Hanoi: Occurrence of golden land apartments with sale prices "terrible"

1m2 of the apartment is located in a renovated apartment project on golden land, owning 2 central facades in Hanoi is being offered for sale with the price of VND 161-291 million, the price of the largest apartment can be up to over 42.6 billion, the number makes the giants "shocked".

The apartments are located in the renovation project of the dormitory 30A Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem District (Hanoi) which is being sold by many real estate floors at a high price. This is one of the projects in the policy of renovating and building old and deteriorated apartments of Hanoi.

Owning 2 facades Ly Thuong Kiet and Hang Bai, showing apartments at the renovation project rebuilding the dormitory 30A Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem District (Hanoi), advertised for sale at a high price. Photo: Minh Thu

The project is located on a 1,169m2 area, with a total investment of about VND190 billion with 3 basements and 11 floating floors, including 65 apartments. 1-3 floors are areas for offices and commercial centers; floors 4-7 with 11 apartments/floor, reserved for collective residents 30A old Ly Thuong Kiet; 8-10 floor with 4 commercial apartments/floor, area from 85-147 m2/unit, built with the purpose of selling.

12 commercial apartments have been posted for sale at a high price, from VND 24-40 billion/unit, including high-class furniture. In particular, the price of 94m2 apartment is 24 billion VND, and the 100m2 apartment is offered for 280 million VND/m2...

Price for the most expensive apartment for sale at T-Place project is over VND 42 billion/unit. Fully furnished makes the giant also "shocked". Photo: Minh Thu

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Thus, the selling price of the largest apartment in the project (147m2) will fall to over VND 42.6 billion. In the North, there are no facades overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake, which are the cheapest ones with the price of 161-181 million VND/m2. Accordingly, the selling price of the smallest apartment (85m2) is at VND14 billion.

Brokers continue to introduce, the apartments in this project are handed over complete interior wall with sanitary equipment, kitchen, floor, ceiling, electrical equipment, air conditioning... If customers want to receive The rough handover package will be directly deducted 9 million VND/m2 into the unit price for selling apartments before tax.

Although affirming that the commercial apartments here are almost sold out, there are only a few apartments left by the old apartment owners who need to sell at the same price as the commercial apartments. However, this broker did not disclose exactly how many apartments were sold.

Project introduction board on the Gold Capital

In 2011, Global Invest was approved by Hanoi to invest in the reconstruction project of 30A Ly Thuong Kiet, which is expected to be completed by 2013. But because of the objections and complaints of some households for a long time, by the end of 2017, the investor can execute the project. This also made the expected time to complete the project pushed to the end of 2019.

This is probably the project that owns the most expensive selling price so far that other luxury apartment projects in Hanoi have sold but the price is still not equal. The first project with a "big" price in Hanoi is Pacific Place, located at 83 Ly Thuong Kiet with about 85-100 million/m2; followed by Hoang Thanh Tower project, located at 114 Mai Hac De with selling price of about 70-80 million/m2; Super luxury D’.Palais de Louis project in Nguyen Van Huyen with the sale price from 115-145 million VND/m2...

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