Hanoi needs VND 17,000 billion to relocate 13 offices and branches out of the center

The National Institute of Urban and Rural Planning (VIUP) has proposed 3 plans to move ministries and branches out of Hanoi city center, expected financial needs from 12,000 to 17,000 billion VND for each plan.

Specifically, the first plan, 12 ministries include: Planning and Investment, Industry and Trade, Justice, Construction, Transport, Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, Health, Agriculture and Development, Rural areas, Culture - sports and tourism, Information and communication, Education and training, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee will be transferred to the West of Ho Tay. Particularly, Vietnam Social Insurance is building in Me Tri Ha.

Under this plan, the planning scope is 35 hectares, on average, each agency is from 1.5 to 2 hectares, the total number of employees is expected to be about 14,000 people, the average height is expected to be about 15-20 floors (yet tell 3-4 underground floors). Financial demand is about 11,897 billion dong, the capital mobilized from the conversion of 50 hectares in Me Tri Ha collected 10,000 billion dong, the converted capital of the old office land was about 1,897 billion dong.

Source: Internet

The second option is to transfer 12 ministries, branches and Vietnam Insurance to Me Tri hectares area, with a planning area of 55 hectares, including the entire Me Tri Ha area, an average of 1.8 - 1 unit 3 hectares, the remaining area is arranged with air conditioner, guest house, public house, landscape park. The total number of people working in 13 agencies is expected to be about 15,000, the average number of people working 1,000 - 1,500 people/agency. Financial demand is about 14,326 billion dong, the capital of 20 hectares of land in the west of Ho Tay area is about 8,000 billion dong, the old capital conversion is 6,326 billion dong.

The third option, VIUP proposes to allocate 13 above agencies in the west of Ho Tay area and Me Tri Ha, of which 20 hectares at the west of Ho Tay will arrange 6 ministries (average 2-3 hectares/agency, 9-12 storey high floor); Me Tri Ha area of 55 hectares will be arranged with 7 agencies (area of 3-4 hectares/agency, average height of 12-15 floors).

Under this plan, the conversion of 13 agencies needs a financial need of 17,000 billion VND, of which 12,000 billion VND is converted to old facilities, 5,000 billion VND from state budget capital.

According to Tam An An - Cafeland