Hanoi: Nearly 600 social houses started selling on March 21

Of the 969 apartments are social houses for sale and 301 apartments are social housing for rent in the North Co Nhue - Chem (Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi), the investor said that he will receive the entire file for rent and 588 social housing units for sale...

Social housing is sold to low-income people.

Capital Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company (Capital house) has just sent a report to the Department of Construction on the plan of receiving documents of Social Housing in the Ecohome 3 in North Co Nhue - Chem (Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi).

Accordingly, the project of Ecohome 3 residential area project consists of 2 buildings NO2 and NO3, each with 31 floors (not including 2 basements for connecting two buildings). In which, 2 floors have the function of commercial services, community activities, cultural houses; 28-storey tower has apartment and technical floor functions.

The total number of apartments in the project is 1,456 apartments. In particular, 969 apartments are social housing for sale, 301 apartments are social housing for rent and 186 commercial houses for sale. At the first stage of the application, there will be 588 social housing units for sale and 301 social housing units for rent.

According to the investor, the time to receive the first-stage application is from March 21 to April 21 and the time for signing the apartment sale and purchase contract is expected in the second quarter of 2019. Time to hand over the project apartment in quarter 4/2020.

The selling price of the project announced by the investor is expected to be VND 16.5 million/m2 (including VAT and maintenance costs). Social housing rental price of VND 73,000/m2/month (VAT included). The selling price and the official rental price upon the contract are approved by the competent authority. 

According to Minh Thu