Hanoi inventories land, maps the current land use status in 2019

Hanoi City is taking stock of land use by state-owned enterprises, equitized enterprises managing and using land in commercial housing construction projects... to map the current situation of land use in 2019.

Accordingly, Hanoi City is taking an inventory of land, mapping the current land use status in 2019 to assess the land use status of each administrative unit at all levels as a basis for assessing the management situation, land use for the past 5 years.

At the same time, the city also proposed mechanisms, policies and measures to enhance the state management of land and improve land use efficiency.

This is also the basis for land use plans for the period 2021 - 2030 and is an important basis for building a socio-economic development strategy to 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Hanoi is carrying out an inventory of land use throughout the city. (Photo: Hong Phong).

"The proper assessment of the current land use status is important in the implementation of socio-economic development programs of Hanoi City" the city leader said.

Specifically, there will be a detailed inventory of rice cultivation land, production forest land, protective forest land and special-use forest land. Area of submerged land, land of a nature conservation area and land for biodiversity conservation shall comply with Articles 16 and 35 of the Law on Biodiversity.

The situation of using land is managed and used by state enterprises and equitized enterprises; land used by forest management boards and agricultural and forestry production enterprises; land at commercial housing construction projects; land for construction of non-public and non-public works for business purposes; agricultural land used for public purposes.

The land inventory in 2019 must assess the situation of land management and use, the situation of land fluctuations in the past 5 years of each district, town and the whole City, especially the management and implementing land use plans.

In addition, it also examines the observance of land legislation by organizations and individuals using land; clarify the causes of limitations and exist; propose renovation of mechanisms, policies, land legislation and measures to enhance the management and use of land to overcome current shortcomings and shortcomings.

According to Doi Song Phap Ly