Hanoi auctioned land use rights of over 5,000 billion dong

The City People's Committee said it submitted to the City People's Council to issue Resolutions for approving the list of projects on land acquisition, conversion of rice cultivation, protection and special-use forests in 2019. Based on that, completed to file land recovery, land lease, change the purpose of land use for 324 land areas, area 462.16 hectares.

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Up to now, Hanoi city has completed the approval of the 2019 land use plan of 30/30 districts, towns in accordance with the 2013 Land Law.

In 9 months, the city held a review, supplement and adjustment of the land use right auction plan in 2018 and the period 2018-2020 in the city with the total estimated auction price in 2019 after The adjusted amount is VND 15,900 billion. The result of auction of land use right has reached VND 5,058 billion, reaching 31.8% of the plan.

Regarding the problems of service land, the City People's Committee said that it has directed specialized agencies to work with the districts and districts that have problems to review and agree on implementation solutions. The total demand for translated land according to the whole city review is 64,068 households, equivalent to 725.87 hectares; The cumulative result of the whole city was 47,145 households, equivalent to 417.9 hectares, reaching 73.58%.

In the issue of land use right certificates, accumulated until now, the whole city of Hanoi has granted the first certificates to households and individuals in residential areas with 1,640,085 plots, reaching 99 , 6%; house buyers at housing development projects 203,319 apartments, reaching 91.24%; 13,668 house buyers resettled, accounting for 97.44%; households and individuals after land consolidation and exchange of agricultural land parcels 617,964, reaching 99.21%; religious and belief facilities 3,482 parcels of land, reaching 52.08%.

For the project of overall construction of cadastral records and land database in Hanoi, up to now, the city has implemented all bidding packages in 27 districts and towns; synchronously implemented measurement, digitization and editing of the map integrated with the construction of the land database in the city, striving to complete and put into operation the database. Data on land management in 2019.

According to Tam An