Hanoi approved construction of social housing near 40 hectare in Dong Anh

Pilot project of Green City social housing area - "Green Link city" has an area of about 39.5 hectare, expected population size of about 11,000 people in Tien Duong commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi city.

Vice Chairman of City People's Committee Hanoi Nguyen The Hung has just signed a decision to approve the detailed planning project of the rate of 1/500 green project of a green social housing area - "Green Link City" in Tien Duong commune , Dong Anh district, TP. Hanoi. Accordingly, the land for research and planning has an area of about 39.5 hectare, the population size is expected to be about 11,000 people, divided into 05 planning plots that are limited by the main roads in the region, regional roads and zone line.

Green Link City project has the main land use functions such as housing group with a total area of about 19.8 hectare (accounting for 50.4%), including: social housing land about 12.3 hectare (population of about 10,544 people), commercial housing land is about 2.3 hectare (population is about 456 people); Low-land commercial land group in the form of villas has a total area of about 1.36 hectare, adjacent low-rise commercial houses with an area of nearly 1 hectare.

Green City city social housing pilot project - "Green Link city" in Dong Anh district has an area of about 39.5 hectare, estimated population size of about 11,000 people. Besides, there is also land for traffic roads, green trees, sport and physical units in concentrated areas, public land for residential units, preschools, primary schools and secondary schools; land with the function of centralized parking, technical infrastructure. 

The whole planning area is mainly a high-rise social housing project arranged to the Northeast and the West; in the central area are low-rise buildings (villas, adjacent houses, and public buildings). Flexible high-rise and low-rise buildings are organized flexibly to create spatial highlights for the whole planning area.

Principles for determining the height of a construction work are in accordance with construction regulations, specialized design standards and guidelines of the Ministry of Construction. In particular, the common high floor of social housing works from 9-15 floors; 3-storey high-rise villas and 5-storey townhouses; High school, junior high school and pre-school facilities from 3 to 4 floors high. The specific height of the works will be determined according to each construction investment project approved by the competent authority on the basis of compliance with the provisions of specialized design standards and standards.

In addition, Hanoi City People's Committee requires in the construction of houses, public works, arrange sufficient parking area for the project with parking criteria according to Vietnamese construction standards and Current regulations of the State and City.

The objective of the project is to build a complete pilot housing of a social housing area, supplementing the city's housing fund, meeting the housing demand for people who are entitled to support policies. Social housing under the Housing Law. At the same time, creating a civilized urban landscape environment, creating a attraction for urban development in accordance with the general planning, zoning planning identified, contributing to speeding up the urbanization process of Dong Anh district.

According to Ninh Phan – Tien Phong