Four international real estate giants meet Vietnamese customers

Representatives of four international real estate groups will meet Vietnamese investors to share business opportunities in Asian and European countries.

The event is scheduled to take place at 9:30 on October 13 at Park Hyatt, Ho Chi Minh City. At the meeting, representatives of leading real estate groups in Asia and Europe will also share foreign investment trends and strategies for Vietnamese customers.

Catching a trend can help investors take advantage of demand, cash flow, liquidity and policy. The valuable investment in addition to making profits also demonstrates the vision of added value such as business opportunities, immigration, and prosperity and happiness for future generations.

At the event, representatives of Lendlease, Sansiri, Euroterra Capital and Pafilia groups will provide details of trends as well as real estate investment opportunities. In-depth information on the "Gold Visa" investment program and becoming a European citizen will also be presented in a comprehensive manner.

Lendlease - reputation from the Sydney Opera House

Typical corporate projects based in Australia include the Sydney Opera House, the Petronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), the renovation project of the British National Theater or the Fine Arts Museum in London. Lendlease has offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The group has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 1962.

Sydney Opera House.

In Asia, Lendlease has two large-scale projects, TRX Quarter (Malaysia) and Paya Lebar Quarter (Singapore). In addition, the group has been successful in China and Japan.

Sansiri and large scale projects in Thailand

Established in 1984, Sansiri is one of Thailand's largest real estate corporations and has been listed on the stock market since 1996. Sansiri has built its reputation through resort villas and office buildings. rooms and apartments.

In August 2019, Sansiri announced to raise its shareholding limit from 37.26% to 59% at Standard International Holdings, which owns the famous hotel brand The Standard in the US. This joint venture has planned to open a series of hotels in Thailand and many other big cities such as Milan (Italy), Paris, Bordeaux (France) or Melbourne (Australia) in the next 5 years.

Perspective of high-class apartment project XT Huaikhwang of Sansiri in Bangkok, Thailand.

The group is also interested in social responsibility, establishing a specialized fund called Social Change, in cooperation with UNICEF Thailand to increase awareness about children's rights in the country.

Euroterra Capital - the leading reputation in Europe

Based in London (UK), Euroterra Capital is a leading real estate developer in Europe and the world, with a key market in Greece. In recent years, Euroterra Capital has quickly captured the momentum of growth in Asia and opened offices in Hong Kong or Shanghai.

Euroterra Capital's Crystal Waters Aquamarine luxury villa project by Euroterra Capital in Mykonos, Greece.

Euroterra focuses on the ability to preserve value and profitability for customers through a strategy to "revive" undervalued real estate in the central cities. In each product, Euroterra is interested in combining local characteristics to create specialized, harmonious living spaces. Products of the corporation are diverse such as separate houses, villas, complex projects...

Pafilia - Cyprus real estate giant

As one of the largest private real estate corporations in Cyprus, Pafilia is marked with impressive architecture. The Group offers comprehensive real estate solutions, including resort villas, apartments, townhouses or resorts.

Pafilia has developed over 130 projects with more than 3,000 properties over the past 4 decades. The Group's reputation is built through many successful projects, helping investors to profit while simultaneously owning Cypriot nationality and benefiting from many privileges of European citizens.

A villa belonging to the Minthis Resort in Cyprus developed by Pafilia.

At the meeting, representatives of corporations will attend the projects, receive direct advice from experienced experts. In addition, questions related to legal, investment procedures and solutions including management assistance, introduction or sale of real estate abroad will also be satisfactorily answered by local lawyers. locally.

The successes drawn from years of international real estate investment experience from Denzell experts, the organizers, will also be consulted in detail.

According to Minh Anh