Despite enough housing documents, houses can not be sold if caught up in this

Full paperwork and no dispute, but it is not possible to notarize a housing contract just because of this small but very common problem.

Source: Internet

When carrying out the public notarization procedure, the land purchase and sale contract needs to produce the relevant papers such as the certificate of marital status, the marriage certificate, the identity card/citizen identification... However, many people have problems because the identity number on Land Use Rights Certificate is different from the current identity card number, leading to the Notary Public Office refusing to notarize the housing and land purchase contract, thus, the process of changing house name is interrupted.

In case the current identity card is different from the identity number on Land Use Rights Certificate, it is very popular. Because many localities change from 9-digit identity card to 12-digit identity card, 12-digit identity card to citizenship card and 9-digit identity card to citizenship card.

In the near future, it will be compulsory to move to national identity nationwide. Therefore, when changing to citizen identification, it is necessary to apply for a certificate from the Police that the new citizen identification number and the old identity card number are all for one person. If so, when carrying out the procedures for notarization of land and house purchase contracts, submitting this certificate is valid, the notary public office will notarize the contract according to regulations.

Hopefully, everyone understands the above problem so that the purchase and sale of real estate (change name on paper) is happening quickly, saving time and effort of the parties.

According to Tho Kim