Danang attracts more than US $542 million of foreign investment

This is the information given in the opening session of the 11th session of the City People's Council Da Nang IX course this morning (July 9).

Source: Internet

Accordingly, attracting foreign investment of Da Nang in recent years has many positive changes. The city successfully organized the 2019 Spring Seminar, awarded investment registration certificates, decided investment policies for 8 projects, equivalent to more than 492 million USD and allowed investment research for 11 project, equivalent to nearly 3,500 million USD.

Since the beginning of the year, Da Nang has attracted over 2,300 billion dong of domestic investment and more than 542 million USD of foreign investment capital. The total development investment capital in the first 6 months was estimated at nearly VND 20,000 billion, up 3.3% over the same period of 2018; in which non-state sector is estimated at over 14,500 billion dong, up 6.4%, foreign direct investment area is estimated at over 1,880 billion dong, up 10.5%.

Production and business growth over the same period in 2018; consumer demand, purchasing power increase, abundant commodity market, stable prices. The total social product in the area is estimated to increase by 6.21% over the same period in 2018. The total state budget revenue in the first 6 months reached 14,722.4 billion dong, reaching 53.8% of the estimate, up 9.7% compared to the same period last year.

However, some economic indicators of Da Nang grow lower than planned. Removing difficulties and creating conditions for enterprises to implement investment projects has not made positive changes. Many key construction projects have been implemented slowly, the rate of disbursement of basic construction capital has so far not reached the set targets. Many inadequacies in the field of urban infrastructure, such as traffic congestion, environmental pollution, garbage, lack of clean water, urban order... have not been resolved.

According to Chau An