Da Nang residents have been able to look up land parcel information online

Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment has just announced, the standardization and publication of land parcel information on the Basic Land Portal has been completed and the Land Portal system is being tested and operated at http://ttdd.tnmt.danang.gov.vn/.

Source: Internet

The information to look up includes information on the parcel of land: parcel book, number of cadastral map; acreage; land use purposes assigned, leased or recognized by the State; registered or not registered; has issued a certificate or not.

Information on land use plannings and plans already approved by competent state agencies, including: Diagram of spatial planning of areas with land plots; purpose of land use under planning.

Information on land price tables approved by competent state agencies. For information related to land use planning, plans and price lists approved and published by competent state agencies, Department of Natural Resources and Environment will soon complete the data standardization and publish on the Land Information Portal to serve the information search needs of organizations, citizens and businesses in the nearest time.

According to Kim Duc