Da Nang real estate "reduces heat", investing in where to take advantage of opportunities?

After a series of drastic measures of the Prime Minister to stabilize land in Da Nang - Quang Nam, the real estate market in this area is being "purified" and "cooled down" quickly. According to experts, this is the right time to flash long-term investment opportunities, especially for projects with "gold" positions, complete infrastructure and clear legal.

The Northwest region is the focal point with many outstanding advantages

Northwest area (in Lien Chieu district, Da Nang) with the advantages of traffic gateway, location adjacent to the sea and near large industrial zones, along with the "landing" mass of projections The key project has created an intense attraction for customers and investors, especially in the context of real estate in other areas showing signs of "cooling down".

In the context of the Da Nang real estate market "reduced heat", the Northwest region still increased attraction

According to the development planning orientation of Da Nang, by 2020, many projects with scale of thousands of billion VND will be deployed in the Northwest area, such as: Da Nang High-Tech Park and KDL expansion project. Xuan Thieu, the project of producing Sunshine aerospace components, Lang Van ecological tourist resort...

In addition, with strategic directions, the Northwest area is also the focus of "crisis" projects such as Lien Chieu deep-water port, Kim Lien cargo station, La Son highway - Tuy Loan and very many other bustling eco-urban areas...

Especially, only in 2018, this area has appeared many spectacular projects such as Lakeside Palace Urban Area, Lakeside Infinity, Dragon Smart City, Golden Hills, Cham River Park... which created a wave of settlements and investment.

Thanks to benefiting from natural factors and synchronous and methodical planning, the Northwest region not only holds a key position, creating "leverage" to promote the vibrant Da Nang real estate market, but also promises Appointment will become a new urban area, full of entertainment, shopping, relaxation, satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Dragon Smart City - the project has the highest profit opportunity in the Northwest

3D perspective of Dragon Smart City project

Among the projects being implemented in the Northwest area, Dragon Smart City becomes more special to be the first project on the market to apply smart solutions and possess outstanding utilities with bold imprint. Made in Fu Tang, Dragon Smart City has gradually affirmed its breakthrough advantage in the "Smart City" model, bringing a new perspective on the standard real estate market of the new era.

With a scale of 78 hectares and 2,455 adjacent lots of lots and 100 smart shophouse houses, planned in an area full of quality infrastructure systems, green surrounding spaces, high-class facilities and private services, Dragon Smart City with the values it brings will ensure the standard European urban living standard between the Northwest - Da Nang heart.

Total budget for shophouse Dragon Smart City is up to VND 4,000 billion. These commercial townhouses, before handing over to customers, will be finished with high quality construction materials such as Marble stone, imitation stone, PVD-plated balcony, large-sized glass... creating a living space, class, versatile, integrating many different values leading the trend.

Infrastructure and utilities of basic projects have been completed initially

Up to now, Dragon Smart City project has completed the transport infrastructure system, electric pole system and green trees by theme. Utility Clubhouse has completed the 3rd floor and poured the 4th floor. In May 5/2019, the 52 shophouse range will also be started to build, bringing a new look to the Dragon Smart City architectural complex being deployed with fast speed.

Ecological canal system connected with Lakeside Palace project is gradually "forming". Predicting in the future, this natural eco-shaped lake with the winding body shape not only creates a lush landscape, but also brings prosperous geomancy to the owners living here.

The 15m road axis extending the sea route Nguyen Tat Thanh with 3 key projects has also been connected smoothly. Together with Lakeside Palace and Lakeside Infinity which have been developed by Central Green Land in Northwest - Danang, Dragon Smart City continues to form a busy trading center.

Dragon Smart City is evaluated as a project that meets the potential of sustainable and long-term profitability, ensuring the legality of each house, deserving the project to make customers feel peace of mind.

According to Dat xanh mien trung