Da Nang real estate, signs of prosperity

97% of supply of townhouses and villas in the last 3 years in Da Nang has consumed; real estate prices still have room to increase, especially new development areas... Especially, positive macroeconomic directions for the long-term future make real estate in this city on the rise, and is forecasted to enter a stable and sustainable development trajectory.

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Having not rose to the peak

Statistics and detailed evaluation of Danang real estate market from 2017 to the beginning of June 2019 of DKRA Vietnam Joint Stock Company shows that: Da Nang real estate increased sharply in the land plot segment with an increase of 3 times.

Notably, 97% of the supply of townhouses and villas in 3 years has been consumed.

Although just experiencing the "virtual hot land status” makes the market somewhat quiet and sideways, the "hot status" of land also leaves investors many valuable lessons. It is not rushing into the "whirlpool" of investment in the crowd, need to be alert to choose prestigious investors, clear planning projects, located in rich potential development positions.

In fact, after the land fever phase, the segment of land plots and townhouses at large projects in Da Nang has remained unchanged. "Bubbles" only "spray" in "virtual" projects, speculators inflated, not true value.

At the present time, the market is witnessing a silent wave of investment in land plots and townhouses to welcome the planning as well as waiting for long-term business opportunities in the city "Central tourism capital".

As assessed by Mr. Nguyen Duc Lap, Director of Danang Real Estate Research and Research Institute: "Da Nang real estate prices are still not at the peak of exploitation and will still increase in the future".

Many positive signals

It can be seen that Da Nang real estate is flourishing with many positive signals. In early 2019, the Politburo issued Resolution No. 43 on Construction and Development of Danang City to 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Talking about Resolution 43, Mr. Nguyen Van Binh, Head of Central Economic Committee - the unit assigned to lead the development of the Resolution said: "We set the goal by 2030 how to make Danang become a smart, ecological, worth living city is not only the top of the country but also the leading of Southeast Asia. And by 2045, it will become one of the leading cities in Asia in general ".

Looking at the objectives and very clear tasks set by the Central for Da Nang, it can be seen that real estate in this city will be a "magnet" to attract investors. In addition, Da Nang city government recently hired a Singaporean consulting unit to conduct a master plan redo. Along with many foreign investors such as Singapore, the United States, Japan... pouring capital into Danang, real estate has become an attractive investment channel.

More positive information, according to the unified plan of Danang People's Committee and Quang Nam People's Committee at a recent meeting, the Co Co River will be cleared for the entire route before September 2020. Once Co Co River "revives", the Southeast area of the city will have more advantages in trading tourism services on both sides of the river. The leaders of 2 localities also agreed to deploy the resting and entertainment places to serve tourism development along the Co Co river. Thus, the Southeast has the opportunity to become a new center, converging potentials for developing waterway tourism.

The wave "go ahead, be the first"

A professional investor revealed: Da Nang real estate investors are hunting planned areas to thrive in the future, especially in the southeast of the city. The law of investment is when the market looks quiet, it is easy to buy. By nature, Da Nang is a tourist land, there is no story of land prices falling, only going up.

Source: Internet

From the beginning of the year, when judging the information of two urban development spikes of the Southeast and Northwest, investors soon saw the potential of exploiting, trading hotels, and tourism services in the area. Southeast by advantage running along the coastline. Therefore, the areas of land plots and townhouses with synchronized planning were soon within the target of investors.

Like the urban project along the Nam Hoa Xuan River, for example, the townhouse and ground products of this project are constantly sought, especially in the area on both sides of the extended Nguyen Phuoc Lan road and other riverside areas by the visible business potential. Or the land along the southeast of the city is also considered "expensive".

Along with more than 5 million visitors in the first 7 months of this year, it is expected that to welcome 8.2 million guests in 2019, the title of "Central Tourism Capital" still belongs to Da Nang. Therefore, undeniably, Han River city is still a fertile land for investment in tourism and real estate services. Therefore, it is understandable that there will be a silent wave of welcoming the opportunity to raise prices and long-term service business opportunities in this city.

According to Tuan Khanh