Danang publicizes land fund information in the area

Following the directions of the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee, the Center for Da Nang Land Fund Development has just released a document on publicizing the land fund currently managed by the the Center of Vietnam.

Accordingly, the Da Nang has 23,458 resettlement plots. Of these, 7,851 lots have no premises and 15,607 lots have been occupied.

Regarding resettlement land fund in each area, Hai Chau district has 251 plots with ground, Thanh Khe district has 93 plots with ground. Cam Le District has 3,770 lots with 442 unoccupied lots and 3,328 lots with ground. Son Tra District has 1,884 lots with 294 non-ground lots and 1,590 lots with existing premises. Lien Chieu District has 4,055 lots with 670 unopened lots and 3,385 lots with ground. Ngu Hanh Son District has 8,078 lots with 4,297 lots without ground and 3,781 lots that have had ground. Hoa Vang district has 5,327 lots with 2,148 unoccupied lots and 3,179 lots that have been occupied.

Da Nang has just announced its land fund. Photo: Vietnamnet

Also according to the information from the Da Nang Land Fund Development Center, there are 247 large land areas in the city. The total area of these areas is 1,311,851.8m2.

Of which, 71 lands (area of 202,539.2 m2) belong to Son Tra district; 55 land lots (area of 375,024.5m2) in Cam Le district; 52 lands (221,304,3m2) in Ngu Hanh Son district; 34 land areas (area of 295,372.3m2) in Hoa Vang district; 21 lands (area of 120,561.2m2) in Lien Chieu district; 11 land lots (area of 114,095.9m2) in Hai Chau district; 3 land lots (area of 9,157.5m2) in Thanh Khe district.

The transparent disclosure of land fund information in the area aims to help people and businesses access land information as a basis for developing production and business facilities as well as facilitating the receipt of resettlement land profit.

According to Khanh Trang