Da Nang: Many investors enjoy the new real estate business model

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Instead of selling real estate land with the same segments as before like land, apartments, condotels... now many investors in Da Nang aim at the utility values that real estate brings.

Not merely selling apartments

In 2019, a series of high-end projects are bustling in the Da Nang market. However, in the context of "Condotel", the regulations on investment and development are strict, the high-end apartment market, especially the series of coastal apartments Vo Nguyen Giap re-entered the throne.

Facing the situation of the remaining land area near the sea is almost no longer, strict requirements in construction according to the regulations of the city, high-end coastal apartments become central to attract investors. However, in order to become a highlight and truly attraction to investors across the country, Da Nang real estate market has to make a clear shift that is not only selling apartments but also pay attention to services and utilities brought to owners.

Following the market trend, at present, the projects of Da Nang coastal luxury apartments have been focusing on investing more in accompanying services and utilities for customers. For example, the Premier Sky Residences has just launched the market with the message "smooth" "We not only sell apartments, we are happy to bring you superior facilities". Through research, the utilities that these apartments bring are: Smart car dumps, schools, mini supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, Gym & Spa...

Besides, it is a highlight of convenient location and easy to move to the central location of the city. All are built by the Investor with every detail arranged in a harmonious and harmonious manner, creating an amiable whole and a worthwhile investment place for a dream destination.

Miniature world in a project

In the context of information turmoil in real estate market, many investors often ask the question: Is it true that "multi-utilities" have been advertised by investors. A real estate expert in Da Nang said: "We fully agree with the questions of investors, but projects in Da Nang in particular and the country in general always have supervision, especially projects that are at the key locations, related to the beautiful face of the city, not to mention each project must comply with the Decision which approves the whole premises by detailed construction planning 1/500, approve technical infrastructure planning, approve technical design drawings... not to mention the agreements on connection of electricity - water systems to be checked very tightly inspection and supervision".

Thus, taking the example of the Premier Sky Residences project mentioned above, customers fully trust and feel secure about the utility and versatility that this project brings. As planned, this project will consist of 40 floating floors, 1 basement and tumble ladder. With a total investment of up to VND 2,000 billion, it is fortunate to be located in a prime location, the convergence of sky and earth, surrounded by rivers - mountains - sea - sky has made this project a special value. more special. In addition, special design, stratification and perfect interior facilities make this project the focus of attention of many investors across the country.

The apartment is optimized for use area, multi-utility.

According to information from the investor of the Premier Sky Residences project, 5 floors of the podium Investor has devoted to parking, customers owning the apartment do not have to worry about finding parking space. The project also dedicated the 38th floor for outstanding facilities, so that each owner can get the experience of "Natural mansion, paradise of happiness".

Ideal model: Apartment has just stayed and business - Full of road

According to 2018 statistics, with outstanding advantages in location, nature, and landscape, it has helped Da Nang become a city worth living, and an attractive tourist destination attracting hundreds of visitors every year. As a result, the rent of hotel rooms and high-class apartments, especially hotels in coastal apartments, is up to 60%. On that basis, many investors have directed customers to buy their apartments to use services both in family and business style. Many new projects in Da Nang are designed to optimize the area of use, whereby owners will both use and do business with terrible revenue at the same time. So how does the money go into investors' pockets?

On the idea of buying a house with both business and business, many projects have put up the idea of "multi-door house, multi-space" both convenient in family activities, and able to meet the demand for apartment rental business. Through the survey, the rental price of 5-star coastal apartments is 2.5 million/night, so if the investment option for 3-bedroom apartments, use 2 rooms for family activities and 1 For business, the average income of the owner is VND 50 million/month.

With 3 Bedrooms apartment, the owner has a terrible income with the model of both staying and renting.

However, the investors are also confirmed due to scientific design, the rental of apartments will not affect the family activities, apartment rental model is operated, registered by the application provided by the investor, so the owner of the apartment does not have to worry or waste time searching for customers.

The new model of investment and business cooperation has opened a new direction for the luxury apartment real estate in Da Nang market. This model will help investors reduce the financial burden when investing in high-end apartment real estate as well as a new step of the city in reducing hotel pressure in the sea tourism season.

According to Anh Duong