Da Nang issued documents to revise real estate business activities

Recently, City People's Committee Da Nang has issued documents to revise real estate trading activities in the city. Specifically, City People's Committee Da Nang assigned the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to announce publicly urban development projects and houses in the city that have been granted land use right certificates, house ownership and land-attached assets.

The price of Da Nang land is assessed to remain in the future growth range

City police, Construction Department and People's Committees of districts and are tasked to inspect and handle law violations in transaction activities, capital mobilization and real estate business in the locality. Assigning the Department of Justice to inspect and handle violations of notarization activities, especially the "pending wait" and "deposit" status in real estate transactions.

Assigning Department of Information and Communications, Department of Culture - Sports to regularly check and strictly handle violations of law in posting advertising and classifying information related to real estate transactions in the area. Along with that, City People's Committee Da Nang also made recommendations for organizations and individuals, needed to understand information as well as project legal documents and relevant legal regulations when participating in real estate transactions and business.

According to many investors as well as real estate brokers, the price of Da Nang land will continue to increase in the coming time because of good information about infrastructure such as: assigning Singapore consultant to make a plan at the same time, the real estate market is also receiving large investments from foreign investors such as Singapore, the United States and Japan...

Currently, Da Nang is attracting many projects with a large investment. For example: Sunshine production of aerospace components of Universal Alloy Corporation Asia Pte, USA with total investment of 170 million USD; the project of manufacturing and assembling electronic equipment of Key Tronic EMS Group, Hoa Ky, implemented on the land lot with symbol X10 - Road 10B ND, Hoa Khanh Industrial Park expanded with an area of 12,332m2, total investment capital of 50 million USD; project to expand Xuan Thieu Tourist Area of Mykazuki Company, Japan with a total investment of 100 million USD;

"Da Nang real estate prices have not reached the peak of exploitation and will continue to increase in the future. Currently, the market price difference, infrastructure and living conditions are too great. Moreover, the real estate market is still on the rise, and the real estate brokers' transactions are still gaining popularity, so investors need to be cautious about this" said Nguyen Duc Lap, Director of Da Nang Institute of Real Estate Research.

And Mr. Duong Duc Hien - Director of Housing Business of Savills Vietnam Company said that there are many reasons for the recent increase in land prices, and the participation in pushing prices of brokerage components is one of the that reason. Thanks to advantages of tourism and convenient infrastructure, Da Nang resort real estate has been booming for more than 10 years; and the development of the land market depends on the speed of urbanization and population growth. Prices and quantity of resort real estate always keep stability, while the land is lacking in sustainability. This has a lot of potential dangers for investors who follow the psychological crowd.

According to Tri Thuc Tre