Da Nang inventory and maps land use in 2019

Danang People's Committee has approved Plan No. 4981/KH-UBND on implementation of land inventory and mapping the current land use status in 2019 in the city.

According to the notice of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Da Nang City, from August 2019 to December 15, 2019, the authorities will conduct a land inventory and build a current land use status map in 2019 in wards, communes throughout the city.

Wards and communes complete the data, compile a land inventory document in 2019, report to the district People's Committee before January 16, 2020.

The City People's Committee assigns the District People's Committee to be responsible for organizing the compilation of land inventory data, making land use status maps based on land inventory data and land use status maps of wards and directly under communes in 2019, submit the report to the City People's Committee before March 1, 2020 for approval and submit a report to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment before April 16, 2020.

Da Nang conducts land inventory and maps the current land use status in 2019 in the city. (Photo: Van Luan).

Earlier, on 8/8, Danang People's Committee said, issued a document to deploy the conclusions of the Standing Committee of the City Party on the planning and investment of projects in the city.

Accordingly, the People's Committee of Da Nang City assigned the Department of Construction to coordinate with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, People's Committees of districts and related units to effectively implement the work of consolidating resettlement plots into large and public land lots in order to call for investment promotion and reporting to the City People's Committee for consideration and decision in August 2019.

Da Nang built a land portal for people to look up

Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment is currently implementing the task of constructing a land portal to make land information transparent to organizations, citizens and businesses in the city.

The system of land information portal after finishing will be the official information channel of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to organizations, citizens and businesses.

Specifically, information in accordance with the current law, land parcel information: parcel book, number of cadastral map; acreage; land use purposes assigned, leased or recognized by the State; registered or not registered; has issued a certificate or not yet issued a certificate.

Information on land use plannings and plans already approved by competent state agencies, including: Diagram of spatial planning of areas with land plots; land use purposes according to planning; Information on land price tables approved by competent state agencies.

Currently, the standardization and publication of land parcel information on the basic land information portal has been completed and the land information portal system is in trial operation.

According to Doi song Phap ly