Da Nang: Have to agree with the clean water company before asking permission to build hotels and restaurants

Da Nang Department of Construction requests investors of projects in the city (especially apartment projects, hotels and restaurants) to conduct procedures for connecting water supply items of the project, sending Da Nang Water Supply Joint Stock Company before submitting to project appraisal, approval and licensing.

On August 1, the Department of Construction of Da Nang said that the Deputy Director of the Department, Mr. Le Tung Lam had just written 5822/SXD-HTKT (July 31) to Danang Water Supply Joint Stock Company and the investor. Local projects related to water supply connection agreements for investment projects, especially condominiums, hotels and restaurants.

Accordingly, the leader of Da Nang Department of Construction proposed that the investor of the projects in the city (especially the apartment project, hotel, restaurant) proceeded to formulate the procedure for agreement on connection of water supply of the project, send to Da Nang Water Supply Joint Stock Company (Dawaco, No. 57 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Hai Chau District) for inspection and agree upon before submitting the project appraisal, approval and construction permit.

In the recent hot and hot days, Dawaco had to tank trucks with clean water to support some apartments, hotels, condotels... due to contracting to supply water with capacity lower than actual demand. in fact, leading to local water shortages (Photo: HC)

Leaders of Da Nang Department of Construction also assigned the Departments of construction activities, construction permits under the Department of Construction to guide investors in implementing the water supply connection agreement and noted in the appraisal, Construction permit in time of arrival.

According to the Deputy Director of Danang Department of Construction, Le Tung Lam, the requirement to implement the water supply connection agreement during the implementation of construction investment procedures is based on the implementation of investment projects in the city; ability to meet technical infrastructure, especially water supply infrastructure in the current period to ensure the implementation of works and projects in accordance with current standards and regulations.

Meanwhile, Dawaco said that in the past, there were a number of hotel, apartment, condotel and restaurant projects in Danang signed with Dawaco to supply clean water with a capacity lower than the actual demand. Therefore, in the hot and hot days, the demand for water increased, the local water shortage happened due to the pipeline that the investors installed for the project was too small, not because Dawaco was not enough water supply.

According to Hai Chau