Da Nang urged the Ministry of Planning and Investment to arrange capital for Lien Chieu port

Da Nang urged the Ministry of Planning and Investment to arrange capital for Lien Chieu port

Da Nang asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment to evaluate investment policies, capital sources and the ability to balance investment projects to build Lien Chieu Port.

Lien Chieu port project has a total investment of more than VND 3,426 billion

Yesterday (July 18), the Ministry of Planning and Investment held an online preliminary conference of the first 6 months of 2019 and carried out the tasks of socio-economic development in the last 6 months.

At the conference, Vice Chairman of Da Nang People's Committee Ho Ky Minh proposed the Ministry of Planning and Investment to consider and propose to the Government to approve the adjustment of the city's planning for the period 2011-2020 to remove difficulties and obstacles to continue performing the work while waiting for the new planning to be prepared in accordance with the Planning Law.

Vice President Ho Ky Minh also asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment to provide guidance on the deployment of a wide selection of investors for the Danang solid waste treatment project.

At the same time, assess the investment policy, capital and ability to balance investment projects to build Lien Chieu Port, advise the Government to complete investment procedures, allocate capital from the 10% reserve plan. Medium-term public investment for the period 2016-2020 of the whole country to start and implement the investment project to build Lien Chieu Port.

It is known that the construction of Lien Chieu port has been planned for many years by Da Nang city to reduce the pressure on Tien Sa port and limit the means of transport to circulate the inner city roads.

Lien Chieu port project has a total investment of more than 3,426 billion VND, including items such as breakwaters, breakwaters, ship channels, traffic connecting ports, connecting technical infrastructure (electricity, water, information contact)…

After completion, Lien Chieu port will assume the role of the main berth of the international gateway in Central Vietnam, with the capacity to receive 100,000-ton ships, container ships with a capacity of between 6,000 and 8,000 TEU.

According to Dieu Trang

Da Nang - Vietnam's first urban airport?

Da Nang - Vietnam's first urban airport?

"The atmosphere at Da Nang airport makes me feel very comfortable. It is a great potential to form Da Nang airport urban" - Director of Airport Research and Strategy of NACO Group (Netherlands).

On the morning of April 10, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Vietnam and Da Nang City People's Committee jointly organized a workshop on "Model of Dutch Port Development and Exploitation". In particular, the issue of "Da Nang urban airport land use plan" is totally interested by many delegates!

What is Urban airport?

A group of experts from both public and private economic sectors in the field of major development port (airport city, seaport city, smart city) was invited by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Vietnam to attend the meeting. The workshop is of sharing the concept of "Main Port" based on their experiences and practical achievements in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Along with providing a lot of information about "Amsterdam Schipol Airport Port, the economic dynamics of Amsterdam City and Region", international experts have also focused on planning to develop new seaports in Da Nang, especially the urban land use plan of Da Nang airport, which connects urban, social, recreational and economic activities around multimodal transport nodes; priority sectors and zoning...

According to Mr. Kris Pauwels, Director of Airport Research and Strategy of NACO Group (Netherlands) is specializing in airport planning, designing and airport urban planning, the airport is a very crowded place for people and goods to transport from one place to another. Maybe people come to the airport by car, train... then get on board the plane to go to another place.

“In the process, many people want to use the airport services. So NACO creates facilities such as hotels, shopping centers, offices and many other service activities, which brings huge revenues and profits, and also creates what we call the Urban Area, which is globally competitive!” - Mr. Kris Pauwels explained.

More generally, Dr. Ngo Viet Nam Son (USA), with more than 30 years of international experience in design consulting, architectural planning in Asia and North America, said airport urban was a sub-region urban areas, in which the central area included airports and urban construction clusters with diverse functions, are planned for sustainable development in close relation with airport development. Currently many places in the world such as New Zealand, Sydney (Australia), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paris (France), Frankfurt (Germany)... have formed the airport urban very successfully.

According to Kris Pauwels, the "airport urban" model helps between developing cities and developing "mutual benefit" airports. One of the economic impacts of the airport urban model is to benefit the airport; Besides, the area around the airport also benefited greatly, first of all from jobs directly related to airports, aviation and indirect industries (restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, banks, consultants...) created by airports.

Mr. Kris Pauwels and Prof. Dr. Ngo Viet Nam Son discussed at the seminar organized by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Vietnam and the People's Committee of Da Nang City on April 10 morning (Photo: HC)

What is the most difficult thing to form Danang urban airport?

"I went to Danang last night and I told my colleagues that I was like taking a break and not going to work, because the air at Da Nang airport made me feel very comfortable. That is a great potential to form Da Nang airport urban area. At the same time, Da Nang is aiming to develop logistics industry, IT industry, education... these are very important sectors for airport urban development!

Urban airports will create Danang a competitive position in the region and globally. At the same time, the integration of land use will require a seamless connection of city planning and airports, which can focus on areas, sectors and sectors to create advantages. Thirdly, Da Nang airport city can play a driving force for economic development in the region, creating more jobs for people!” - Mr. Kris Pauwels said.

Dr. Ngo Viet Nam Son said that in 2017, he had a tour and exchanged experiences with leaders of airport management agencies and international airport design consultancy agencies at Charles de Gaule Airport and Orly (Paris, France), Frankfurt (Germany), Schiphol (Amsterdam, Netherlands). At that time, international experts gave the most general view about airport cities.

Accordingly, urban airport development is and will be a future development trend, due to bringing positive economic, social, environmental and identity benefits to the whole region, especially in the fierce competition between airports around the world and pure airline income is not enough to cover the costs without the support of income from multi-function commercial services.

“In order to develop an urban airport plan in Vietnam, in which Da Nang is likely to be a pioneering city nationwide, the most difficult issue today is not a matter of engineering and construction planning or the project feasibility issues, which are the willingness to innovate thinking and the will to resolve to change the old mechanism to better suit the advanced trend, public-private partnership in the country and the country. In addition, in the market economy to jointly implement the urban project of Da Nang airport of all branches and levels!” - PhD student Ngo Viet Nam Son stated.

Development orientation of Da Nang to 2030, vision of 2045

At the seminar, Architect Bui Huy Tri, Head of Urban Development Department (Da Nang Construction Department) gave an overview of the current situation, needs and development directions of the ports in Da Nang (including Da Nang National Airport, Tien Sa Port, Lien Chieu Port planning, auxiliary infrastructure systems such as industrial zones, logistics, high-tech zones - IT, railways, highways, national highways, main roads in the city) concerned with the general planning orientation of Da Nang city.

Architect Bui Huy Tri stated that Danang's view is to develop the city towards an ecological, modern, smart, international city with its own identity; fast and sustainable economic development, considering improving the quality of life of people at high levels is a key task; focusing on 3 main pillars: tourism, high-tech industry and marine economy; ensuring national defense, security, island sovereignty, social order and safety.

He said that the goal of 2030 is to build Danang becomes one of the major socio-economic centers of the whole country and Southeast Asia as a center for start-up, innovation, tourism, trade, finance, logistics, high-tech industry, IT, supporting industries. The average growth rate of GRDP in the period of 2021 - 2030 reached over 12%/year.

“The goal of 2030 is to complete the construction of a smart urban area to synchronize with smart urban networks in ASEAN and the ASEAN region. Vision to 2045 Danang City becomes a big, ecological and smart city, a center of start-up, innovation and marine city worth living to reach Asian level! ”- Bui Huy Tri emphasized.

According to Hai Chau

Da Nang: The apartments, social houses in the area are all sold out!

Da Nang: The apartments, social houses in the area are all sold out!

According to Da Nang Department of Construction, currently apartments, social houses in the city are sold out. When the projects are eligible to open houses for sale in the future, Da Nang Construction Department will publicly announce specific information on the Department's website!

On March 18, Da Nang Department of Construction said that in the past time, this department received many petitions of citizens regarding the purchase of apartments and social houses in the city. However, according to Da Nang Department of Construction, now apartments and social houses in the city are sold out.

People receive handover of social housing apartments in An Trung 2 apartment building, Da Nang (Photo: HC)

"When a project is eligible to open houses for sale in the future, Da Nang Construction Department will have a public announcement and post specific information on its website, at: www.sxd.danang.gov.vn ”- A leader of Da Nang Construction Department said.

Also according to Da Nang Department of Construction, on the subjects and conditions to buy social housing based on Article 49, Article 51 of the Housing Law 2014; Decision 38/QD-UBND dated November 12, 2018 of Da Nang City People's Committee promulgates the Regulation on criteria for selection of social housing buyers, renters and purchasers who are invested by non-budgetary sources in Da Nang City.

In particular, it is noteworthy that the regulation on the purchase, sales and transfer of apartment apartments stipulated in Article 19, Decree 100/2015/ND-CP dated October 20, 2015 of the Government on management and use social housing. Accordingly, buyers and purchasers of social housing are not allowed to mortgage (except in the case of mortgage with the bank to borrow, buy and rent the apartment itself) and not to transfer houses in any form in the minimum time, which is 5 years from the time of paying off the purchase or hire purchase of houses under contracts signed with the seller and the lessor buys; It is only allowed to resell, mortgage or lease after being granted a Land Use Right Certificate, ownership of houses and assets attached to land in accordance with the law on land.

From the time when the buyer, hire-purchase of social housing is allowed to sell social housing to those in need, it must be in addition to the payable amounts when selling houses according to the provisions of law, the apartment seller, condominiums must pay to the State 50% of the value of land use levies allocated to such apartments; In case of selling low-rise social housing houses, they must pay 100% of land use fees, based on land prices issued by provincial-level People's Committees at the time of selling houses.

According to Hai Chau

Da Nang plans to auction land use rights in 2019

Da Nang plans to auction land use rights in 2019

Recently, Department of Natural Resources & Environment of Ho Chi Minh City Da Nang sent a document on the plan to auction land use rights to 32 large land plots and 100 land plots in 2019 to the City People's Committee for consideration and approval. The total area of 32 large land plots is 695,601.8m2 and 100 plots of land are 18,382.9m2. These land plots all have convenient locations like at the junction, intersections of urban areas and resettlement areas in the city.

Of the 100 plots to be auctioned, there are 5 lots of residential project No. 1 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hoa Cuong Bac ward; residential area 494 Nui Thanh, Hoa Cuong Nam ward, Hai Chau district.

Da Nang plans to auction use rights for 32 large land plots and 100 land plots in 2019

In Son Tra district, there are 10 lots located in An Hoa 4 residential projects, belonging to Nai Hien Dong ward; Tho Quang fisheries and industrial zone, located in Tho Quang ward and Man Thai 3 resettlement area, in Man Thai ward. In Ngu Hanh Son district, 20 plots of land in Ba Tung resettlement area expanded, Hoa Quy ward was auctioned. In Thanh Khe district, auction will be carried out for 5 land lots located in Part Lang 1 Residential Area and Part Lang 2, belonging to An Khe ward. In Lien Chieu district, 20 land lots will be auctioned at Hoa Hiep 3 and Hoa Hiep 4 residential areas, belonging to Hoa Hiep Nam ward. 

In Cam Le district, 20 land lots will be auctioned at the positions of E1-E 2, E2 and D area of the residential project of Cam Le bridge, Hoa Xuan ward. 
In Hoa Vang district, there are 20 land lots located in zones A and B of the south residential area of Cam Le bridge, Hoa Chau commune and Hoa Nhon resettlement area, Hoa Nhon commune; Hoa Lien 5 resettlement area, Hoa Lien commune was auctioned.

Regarding 32 large land plots, the proposed locations for auction include: Phase 1 of Software Park, in Thuan Phuoc Ward, Hai Chau District; An Hoa 4 residential area, in An Hai Bac ward, Son Tra district; large land areas with symbols A.1 and A.9 on Vo Van Kiet Street; Lot of land signs A2.1 Tho Quang Seafood Industry and Service Zone; land area of An Thuong road 28- Le Lo- Do Bi in My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district.

The land has symbol A2.2, located in An Hoa Residential Area, Khue Trung Ward, Cam Le District; the land area with the symbol A1.1, belonging to Man Thai Residential Area 85, located in Man Thai ward of Son Tra district; the project of a park with two ends of Nguyen Van Troi pedestrian bridge; land area with symbol A2.1, located in Hien Dong Nai fish village, in Son Tra district; Area 5, Northwest New Urban Center, located on Nguyen Sinh Sac Street; the land area is designated A1.12, belongs to zone C of the south residential area of Cam Le bridge; 2 land areas are located along National Highway 1A, in the area of 2 communes Hoa Phuoc and Hoa Chau of Hoa Vang district.

4 land plots symbolized by A12, A13, A14, A15 under Danang Getaway project and A18 land area on Vo Van Kiet street. 4 land plots for souvenir sales in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district were auctioned for land use rights; development of southwestern urban area Administrative center of Hoa Vang district, the land area for the development of the wedding center is located in Hoa Phong commune and the mini supermarket open land in Hoa Phuoc commune. 225,923m2 located in My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district was converted to build a fireworks service complex.

Along with that, Department of Natural Resources & Environment of Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang also proposed to transfer land use rights to 6 other land plots such as the land area with the symbol C2.1 on Nguyen Van Vinh street, Hoa Chau commune, Hoa Vang district; symbol area A2.7 Hoang Binh Chinh street, residential area of Non Nuoc fine-art stone village, Hoa Hai ward; land area with symbol A2.1A Hoang Co Thach street, Hoa Hai urban area, Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district; The land area has the symbol A1.14 on the road of Admiral Lan area C south of Cam Le bridge, in Hoa Xuan ward and Hoa Hiep petroleum area, in Hoa Phat ward of Cam Le district.

In addition, auction of land use rights will be auctioned for Zone A 2.4 and A 2.7 on Van Tien Dung Street - Liem Lac 1 and Van Tien Dung - Vu Thanh in Cam Le Bridge South Residential Area to implement the project. Software park expansion.

According to Tri thuc tre

Da Nang issued documents to revise real estate business activities

Da Nang issued documents to revise real estate business activities

Recently, City People's Committee Da Nang has issued documents to revise real estate trading activities in the city. Specifically, City People's Committee Da Nang assigned the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to announce publicly urban development projects and houses in the city that have been granted land use right certificates, house ownership and land-attached assets.

The price of Da Nang land is assessed to remain in the future growth range

City police, Construction Department and People's Committees of districts and are tasked to inspect and handle law violations in transaction activities, capital mobilization and real estate business in the locality. Assigning the Department of Justice to inspect and handle violations of notarization activities, especially the "pending wait" and "deposit" status in real estate transactions.

Assigning Department of Information and Communications, Department of Culture - Sports to regularly check and strictly handle violations of law in posting advertising and classifying information related to real estate transactions in the area. Along with that, City People's Committee Da Nang also made recommendations for organizations and individuals, needed to understand information as well as project legal documents and relevant legal regulations when participating in real estate transactions and business.

According to many investors as well as real estate brokers, the price of Da Nang land will continue to increase in the coming time because of good information about infrastructure such as: assigning Singapore consultant to make a plan at the same time, the real estate market is also receiving large investments from foreign investors such as Singapore, the United States and Japan...

Currently, Da Nang is attracting many projects with a large investment. For example: Sunshine production of aerospace components of Universal Alloy Corporation Asia Pte, USA with total investment of 170 million USD; the project of manufacturing and assembling electronic equipment of Key Tronic EMS Group, Hoa Ky, implemented on the land lot with symbol X10 - Road 10B ND, Hoa Khanh Industrial Park expanded with an area of 12,332m2, total investment capital of 50 million USD; project to expand Xuan Thieu Tourist Area of Mykazuki Company, Japan with a total investment of 100 million USD;

"Da Nang real estate prices have not reached the peak of exploitation and will continue to increase in the future. Currently, the market price difference, infrastructure and living conditions are too great. Moreover, the real estate market is still on the rise, and the real estate brokers' transactions are still gaining popularity, so investors need to be cautious about this" said Nguyen Duc Lap, Director of Da Nang Institute of Real Estate Research.

And Mr. Duong Duc Hien - Director of Housing Business of Savills Vietnam Company said that there are many reasons for the recent increase in land prices, and the participation in pushing prices of brokerage components is one of the that reason. Thanks to advantages of tourism and convenient infrastructure, Da Nang resort real estate has been booming for more than 10 years; and the development of the land market depends on the speed of urbanization and population growth. Prices and quantity of resort real estate always keep stability, while the land is lacking in sustainability. This has a lot of potential dangers for investors who follow the psychological crowd.

According to Tri Thuc Tre

Da Nang: Many investors enjoy the new real estate business model

Da Nang: Many investors enjoy the new real estate business model

Source: Internet

Instead of selling real estate land with the same segments as before like land, apartments, condotels... now many investors in Da Nang aim at the utility values that real estate brings.

Not merely selling apartments

In 2019, a series of high-end projects are bustling in the Da Nang market. However, in the context of "Condotel", the regulations on investment and development are strict, the high-end apartment market, especially the series of coastal apartments Vo Nguyen Giap re-entered the throne.

Facing the situation of the remaining land area near the sea is almost no longer, strict requirements in construction according to the regulations of the city, high-end coastal apartments become central to attract investors. However, in order to become a highlight and truly attraction to investors across the country, Da Nang real estate market has to make a clear shift that is not only selling apartments but also pay attention to services and utilities brought to owners.

Following the market trend, at present, the projects of Da Nang coastal luxury apartments have been focusing on investing more in accompanying services and utilities for customers. For example, the Premier Sky Residences has just launched the market with the message "smooth" "We not only sell apartments, we are happy to bring you superior facilities". Through research, the utilities that these apartments bring are: Smart car dumps, schools, mini supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, Gym & Spa...

Besides, it is a highlight of convenient location and easy to move to the central location of the city. All are built by the Investor with every detail arranged in a harmonious and harmonious manner, creating an amiable whole and a worthwhile investment place for a dream destination.

Miniature world in a project

In the context of information turmoil in real estate market, many investors often ask the question: Is it true that "multi-utilities" have been advertised by investors. A real estate expert in Da Nang said: "We fully agree with the questions of investors, but projects in Da Nang in particular and the country in general always have supervision, especially projects that are at the key locations, related to the beautiful face of the city, not to mention each project must comply with the Decision which approves the whole premises by detailed construction planning 1/500, approve technical infrastructure planning, approve technical design drawings... not to mention the agreements on connection of electricity - water systems to be checked very tightly inspection and supervision".

Thus, taking the example of the Premier Sky Residences project mentioned above, customers fully trust and feel secure about the utility and versatility that this project brings. As planned, this project will consist of 40 floating floors, 1 basement and tumble ladder. With a total investment of up to VND 2,000 billion, it is fortunate to be located in a prime location, the convergence of sky and earth, surrounded by rivers - mountains - sea - sky has made this project a special value. more special. In addition, special design, stratification and perfect interior facilities make this project the focus of attention of many investors across the country.

The apartment is optimized for use area, multi-utility.

According to information from the investor of the Premier Sky Residences project, 5 floors of the podium Investor has devoted to parking, customers owning the apartment do not have to worry about finding parking space. The project also dedicated the 38th floor for outstanding facilities, so that each owner can get the experience of "Natural mansion, paradise of happiness".

Ideal model: Apartment has just stayed and business - Full of road

According to 2018 statistics, with outstanding advantages in location, nature, and landscape, it has helped Da Nang become a city worth living, and an attractive tourist destination attracting hundreds of visitors every year. As a result, the rent of hotel rooms and high-class apartments, especially hotels in coastal apartments, is up to 60%. On that basis, many investors have directed customers to buy their apartments to use services both in family and business style. Many new projects in Da Nang are designed to optimize the area of use, whereby owners will both use and do business with terrible revenue at the same time. So how does the money go into investors' pockets?

On the idea of buying a house with both business and business, many projects have put up the idea of "multi-door house, multi-space" both convenient in family activities, and able to meet the demand for apartment rental business. Through the survey, the rental price of 5-star coastal apartments is 2.5 million/night, so if the investment option for 3-bedroom apartments, use 2 rooms for family activities and 1 For business, the average income of the owner is VND 50 million/month.

With 3 Bedrooms apartment, the owner has a terrible income with the model of both staying and renting.

However, the investors are also confirmed due to scientific design, the rental of apartments will not affect the family activities, apartment rental model is operated, registered by the application provided by the investor, so the owner of the apartment does not have to worry or waste time searching for customers.

The new model of investment and business cooperation has opened a new direction for the luxury apartment real estate in Da Nang market. This model will help investors reduce the financial burden when investing in high-end apartment real estate as well as a new step of the city in reducing hotel pressure in the sea tourism season.

According to Anh Duong

Fusion Resort & Villas Da Nang creates a comfortable life close to nature

Fusion Resort & Villas Da Nang creates a comfortable life close to nature

Da Nang is one of the most exciting vacation destinations in the Central region with its clear blue beaches, long white sandy beaches, and tropical climate. The participation of resorts and villas Fusion Resort & Villas in Da Nang this summer promises to contribute to further heating attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

Good location, unique design

Fusion Resort & Villas Danang is located at the gateway to the UNESCO world heritage sites such as the ancient capital of Hue, Hoi An ancient town, My Son Sanctuary... The project consists of 85 villas with a presence. From 370 to 1,718m2, exquisite design with separate garden and swimming pool and private entrance to the sea.

The villas at Fusion Resort & Villas Da Nang possess the sea view, create a relaxing space close to nature but still ensure the privacy for owners.

The highlight of the resort villa is the "tent houses" connected to the lush gardens and private pools for the villa owner to enjoy the sunset afternoons by the sea, or admire the scenery of the combination of the sky, blue sea and white sand.

Mr. Craig Andrew Douglas - Project Manager said Fusion's design team is always meticulous for every detail in the project. "The 1-6 bedroom villas have exquisite designs that bring practicality in peaceful rest space, combining privacy and nature, which is close to sunshine, cool wind, sea view. and green garden", he said.

Recent surveys show that customers have higher and higher requirements when choosing resorts, they focus more on privacy, modernity and comfortability. Therefore, Fusion Resort & Villas Danang always aims to meet the desire to experience a healthy and sophisticated life and resort in a unique design space.

Opportunity to experience 5-star service

Fusion Resort & Villas Danang is a 5-star resort which is fully equipped with amenities. At the main restaurant, professional chefs will serve delicious European and Asian dishes, while giving diners a unique culinary experience while watching the pool and the cool blue ocean. In addition, customers can choose attractive dishes and enjoy the sea view from above at the hotel's 10th floor restaurant. Besides, outdoor barbecue restaurant is also an interesting experience for gourmets with a rich menu, elaborate processing, or a romantic beachside dinner will also be a memorable memory.

At the resort, the villa owner can immerse himself in the swimming pool with a length of 60m and the sea view. Exciting recreational activities such as fitness club, tennis court, kids club, indoor pool... also offer a variety of options for visitors.

The mark of making the name of Fusion brand is health care service. Customers who come to Fusion can enjoy relaxing moments with special spa treatments. The spa area at Fusion Resort & Villas Da Nang consists of 2 floors and 30 treatment rooms, along with yoga room, meditation room, foot massage room, sauna and dressing room and a large pool. The spa is located in a tranquil garden, offering privacy and natural sunshine from all sides, promising to give you a comfortable and relaxing feeling.

Fusion Resort & Villa Danang

Prestige from global brand

Lodgis Group is a hotel investment joint venture between two large companies Warburg Pincus and VinaCapital, and the investor of Fusion Resort & Villas Danang. Lodgis has many years of experience in hotel development such as Fusion hotel and resort chain, Sofitel Legend Hotel Metropole Hanoi and Raffles hotel chain in Cambodia.

Fusion Resort & Villas Danang is managed by Fusion Group, a subsidiary of Lodgis pioneering in the field of resort and hotel tourism, providing health care services in Vietnam and Southeast Asia since 2008 Fusion is managing 6 resorts and hotels, which is also one of the fastest growing hotel groups in Vietnam, with more than 1,500 employees, including more than 300 spa therapists.

With an enthusiastic and experienced design team, Fusion creates resorts, hotels facing the sea and hotels in the big city centers with its own distinctive brand mark, from the concept, design, construction, management and operation.

According to Minh Anh

Da Nang: Will publicly bid 500 lots of land

Da Nang: Will publicly bid 500 lots of land

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment has just been approved by the City People's Committee Da Nang to assigns the task of publicizing 500 land lots to enterprises, people participating in the auction, the latest time is at the end of July 2019.

Mr. To Van Hung - Director of Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment said, TP. Da Nang is trying to handle violations according to inspection conclusions in the shortest time to stabilize psychology for businesses. He said: "City leaders will review all land projects, the implemented projects, synthesized and divided into 10 groups of issues to be solved".

Da Nang will hold a public auction of 500 lots in the area

At the same time, the Director of the Department also added that the Department will try to complete the land database and carry out this database from commune and district to city in 2019, in order to push strong administrative reform, implementation of 1-door, 1-door connection. Last time, Da Nang has focused on solving and dealing with the consequences of outstanding problems according to the conclusions of the Government Inspectorate on land violations in the area. This has partly affected the psychology and business environment of businesses.

To solve the problems for enterprises in the issue of lack of land for production and business, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has been approved by the City People's Committee Da Nang to assign the task of selecting 500 specific land use planning locations and publicly disclosing information such as: what is the land at that location, what is the area of investment, what number of floors can be built? How much is built... Enterprises will be allowed to participate in the auction of land use rights openly and transparently.

Along with that, in order to gradually remove difficulties for businesses in the area, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has also established a special working group of the Department headed by the Director of the Department with standing members. Head of subordinate agencies receive and resolve information reflected from enterprises. The team will work and go directly to the business to solve difficulties every Saturday and Sunday.

According to Thi thuc tre

Approve the project to expand the centralized IT Park of Danang Software Park

Approve the project to expand the centralized IT Park of Danang Software Park

Decision No. 1913-QD/UBND dated May 2, 2019 approving the scheme to expand the Information Technology Park in Da Nang Software Park by the Chairman of the City People's Committee Da Nang Huynh Duc Tho.

The content of the project is to implement the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1967/QD-TTg of December 7, 2017, recognizing Da Nang Software Park as a concentrated information technology park; ensuring development space for businesses in the period 2020-2025 and resolving business proposals at the Spring Conference of 2019.

Perspective of the Information Technology Park in Da Nang Software Park

The project also aims to create a breakthrough in socio-economic development in the term of 2015-2020, "strongly developing services, especially tourism and trade, focusing on attracting investment in the public industry, high technology, information technology" according to the contents of the Resolution of the XXI City Party Congress; aiming to diversify investment capital sources for construction and upgrading, expanding infrastructure of Information Technology Park in Da Nang Software Park, helping to save funding sources from the city.

The project is implemented in the form of public and private. In terms of public investment, it is divided into 2 phases, in which phase 1 is expected to be implemented in 2019 with basic items such as fences, gateways, trees, public transport, common rain water drainage, public fire prevention and fighting, public lighting electricity...; Phase 2 will build a shared building with a height of 6 floors, reaching a total construction area of 1,000m2, will start implementation from 2020.

As planned, the building will be a smart data center, displaying information technology products, a reception area, a hall and a meeting room. The project is invested 80 billion VND, taken from the city's budget.

Regarding investment in the form of socialization, the investment in the construction of software production zones, digital content and information technology services will be assigned to organizations and enterprises to implement.

According to Tri thuc tre