Coastal resort real estate: The advantage for the leader

Facing supply saturation, the shophouse or officetel segment is stalling because the investment value exceeds the actual price. This makes the villa segment have the opportunity to "wake up" because investors are gradually realizing the gold value when exploiting this product.

Infrastructure changes to serve the tourism industry

Recently, coastal resort real estate especially in Phan Thiet has become a new focus of interest of Vietnamese investors. According to experts, this new wave rose after the Prime Minister agreed to adjust the scale of Phan Thiet airport from VND 5,000 billion to VND 10,000 billion, turning it into one of three large airports. most in Central Vietnam, only behind Cam Ranh and Da Nang airports.

The Rank A Dau Giay-Phan Thiet highway has also increased its investment to VND 25,000 billion, becoming a road connecting Phan Thiet with the southern key economic provinces. In addition, to relieve the congestion of infrastructure to help this land become a key tourist city, the Ministry of Construction has boosted the plan for a number of transport infrastructure items to be completed and put into operation in the year of 2020.

The speed of Dau Giay - Phan Thiet highway and Phan Thiet international airport is speeding up

Shortened travel time will stimulate visitors to Binh Thuan more, creating momentum for outstanding real estate development. This change is seen as a leverage to help Phan Thiet become a valuable jewel for real estate tycoons, bringing this land to many large and small real estate projects of international stature as expected. Diamond Bay project (8ha), Victoria project (300 villas, 200 condotels), Melie Mui Ne project (400 condotels, 150 villas), Hai Phat's project (scale over 5ha with more than 100 the villa)...

Potential segment owns a soft and transparent legal price

In the resort real estate segment, recently Mui Ne - Phan Thiet is a land targeted by many investors. Once known as the " capital resort " in Vietnam, Mui Ne - Phan Thiet is very suitable for developing resort real estate. When the tourism potential is properly concerned with the strong development of the infrastructure system, this place becomes a "magnet" to attract real estate giants and investors pouring money.

Although Phan Thiet owns many valuable potentials, the land price here is still quite soft

According to the latest information of Vietnam Valuation Company Limited (VNG Value), the land price in Phan Thiet in 2018 is less than 15 million/m2. But after the huge investment capital of the State landed in Phan Thiet, the price of land here increased sharply. Taking into account that investors in the early stages can afford to pocket 20-30% profit.

Having owned soft prices, resort real estate is also interested and invested with a large frequency because this is a long-term owned segment. Most in the real estate cart, investment types only have a maximum ownership period of 50 years. So it is not difficult to understand when convalescence properties are "satisfied" by investors because of the advantages in business as well as assets to spend long term.

Possibility of strong price increases in the future

With the advantage of the transport infrastructure system along with the natural landscape, Phan Thiet is the place that families choose to travel and regularly resort. It is this factor that is the advantage of increasing the value of real estate because in addition to the need to buy to stay, customers can exploit the business model, provide profitable rental and investment services...

Preliminary assessment shows that, besides owning the potential to attract real estate investors, Phan Thiet is still a market in the early period of growth, so the development space is quite large. So this coastal city exploding into a top destination in Asia and the Pacific is only a matter of late.

With a capital of 4-5 billion VND, customers can only invest one 1-2 bedroom condotel in Nha Trang or Phu Quoc. At the same price, investors could have a 5-star resort villa in Phan Thiet with a full range of high-class facilities.

A typical example is the Goldsand Hill Villa project announced by Loc Tu and VNGroup at the end of 2018. Located on the hill watching the most beautiful sunset in Vietnam, with a scale of 9ha, the location is right away. Close to the coast of Mui Ne, almost all villas at Goldsand Hill have sea views. Owning a lot of expensive potentials, but the project has quite a soft investment, investors only have to invest capital from 12-15 million/m2.

Goldsand Hill Villa project is being most interested by investors at the moment

The potential of developing tourism resonating with transport infrastructure is becoming more and more complete, this is the best time for investors to cash down because this is the time when land prices are still soft, everything just in the early stages. So investors can be assured of high profitability in the future.

According to VTC