Coastal resort real estate: New factor, great attraction

Many real estate experts believe that the areas with great potential for sea tourism, which are well planned, will have plenty of room for development, proportional to the strong growth of the tourism industry.

Potential of coastal real estate in Central

According to statistics, each year Vietnam has about 123 days off, more than 90% of the population loves tourism, especially the coastal resort segment.

In particular, the Telegraph (UK) recently ranked Vietnam in the top 20 emerging resort markets thanks to its diverse natural resources system, abundant marine life and modern leisure resort services. In particular, the resort real estate associated with sea and island tourism is considered by experts to be the most exciting today, especially in the Central region. This is because the area has the advantage of long sea routes, large land bank, synchronous transportation infrastructure and open policies from local authorities to attract investors "pouring capital".

Central coastal area possesses many advantages for development. (Image source: Zing)

According to the statistics of the Central Key Economic Region, recent years the number of tourists to the Central region has been on a strong rise. The proof is that in 2018, this area has welcomed 56 million visitors, accounting for nearly 70% of the country's visitors. Not to mention, the number of international visitors to Vietnam has been increasing to 1.3 - 1.4 million/month (as of the end of May 2019). The total revenue from tourism in 2018 was about VND 120 trillion, of which revenue from sea tourism reached over 60%.

It can be said that the advantages of the sea, many bays, natural rapids and landscapes and culture - history are plus points that help the Central region to be a favorite destination for tourists in the near future.

Central coastal real estate is popular with investors

In the past two years, many middle-class families have the need to own a "second home", most of their customers are looking to resort real estate products with affordable prices, internal and external utility area, integrating many entertainment spaces. However, according to the survey of resort products in traditional tourist cities such as Da Nang, Nha Trang or Phu Quoc... the supply is not much and the price has almost reached the peak of 80 - 100 million VND/m2. Even in recent years these areas are showing signs of slowing down and "cooling down".

Long seaways, unique natural landscapes are advantages to develop coastal resort real estate.

Meanwhile, in some provinces and cities in the Central region, many customers may just need to spend from 25 - 35 million VND/m2 to be able to own coastal products as they have just satisfied the criteria. The resort is both suitable for business and investment exploitation with profitability and attractive price increase in the future.

The rise of new lands

Currently, many investors are focusing their attention on emerging lands in the Central region, there is still room for growth, including: Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen), Phan Rang (Ninh Thuan) , Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan),... Experts have pointed out the advantages of each region, making coastal real estate in these localities strongly attract real estate investors.

According to Nhu Loan