3 Vietnamese houses were voted the most beautiful first half of the year

3 houses are designed very special: for people who like super cars, have BBQ garden pool, even covered with insect nets.

Arch Daily has just selected the 50 most beautiful houses from the beginning of the year so far out of the more than 1,000 apartments introduced architecture on this page. Residential buildings are the most popular item on Arch Daily, reflecting the great creativity of architects as well as the endless inspiration of those who are always searching for their own ideas. In the list of selected, Vietnam has 3 most beautiful, most popular houses.

Villa for supercar players

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The house is designed in a modern, professional lifestyle for a young person and owns a rich car collection in a tropical climate in Ho Chi Minh City. The basement has a capacity of 7 cars with a central yard to get natural light and ventilation. The ground floor is completely open, not separated by walls and can be seen directly through the car collection.

The back of the house is the family's private space with swimming pool, kitchen and dining space. A large canopy is enough to protect the space from the sun and create a sense of harmony with nature.

The basement can accommodate 7 supercars.

Open space everywhere to see the super cars.

Modern design in the house.

Insect resistant house

A 43 m2 house was built on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City with weeds and canals surrounding it, more insects. Recognizing that insects will adversely affect daily life like what happened to people in the Mekong Delta, the architects designed the house to adapt to everything.

The front of the house is cross-cast concrete beams that are shaded from the outside, helping to prevent rain and sunlight and can sit or place bonsai pots inside.

Insect mesh and ventilation bricks form a protective film, covering the entire building.

The house has a certain harmony of light, colors in the modern direction.

Swimming pool, BBQ garden in the house 140 m2

Designing the private houses of renowned architects Vo Trong Nghia and Tran Thi Hang for a 3-generation family in an area 15-minute drive from the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

The house is built on an area of nearly 140 m2, with a width of 7m and a length of 20 m, designed to suit the tropical climate with trees and residents living together.

The first requirement of the house owner is to have a large garden enough for children and adults to play and be able to grill food with friends. Therefore, the architecture of the house is decorated with 3 floors: ground floor, middle floor and roof. In particular, the roof protrudes 2 meters while the middle floor recedes.

The space inside the ground floor and the first floor is connected by a wide space. It connects all the main spaces like the living room, dining room with kitchen, library and bedroom.

The pool is designed along the length of the house.

The bathtub is airy with space in harmony with nature.

The bedroom is full of light and trees.

The architects hope the house will unite every member and create closeness to nature.

According to Khong Chiem