3 trends of real estate investment in late 2019

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According to experts, from now until the end of 2019 the real estate market will be motivated by many factors, so the real estate market will still develop but still very cautious.

Share at the forum "The recent 2019 real estate investment trend" Mr. Nguyen Tran Nam - Former Deputy Minister of Construction, Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Association said the strongest point of the Vietnamese real estate market Men are great demand and liquidity. The United Nations statistics show that people with an average income of 1000-10,000 USD often use it to buy houses and Vietnam is in that range.

According to Mr. Nam: "Our market in the medium and long term will be very good, the urbanization rate will be very large. According to calculations, an average of 1 million people move from rural areas to rural areas every year. Psychology of people who like to save money to buy houses, it is important to provide this demand in a quality way".

However, according to Mr. Nam, the supply in the market is decreasing. Specifically, according to recent statistics, in HCM City, the number of construction permits decreased by 16%, with 150 projects being stopped to check and review. Mr. Nam cited, according to a recent general report of Real Estate Brokers Association, the volume of goods for apartment houses and villas in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City has dropped to about 70% in the market compared to the fourth quarter of 2018.

Analyzing the two investment trends in the recent real estate market, Mr. Nam said: First, investing in massively buying land, causing hot status in the areas of Mui Ne, Van Don and Phu Quoc. Mr. Nam analyzed, a co-investment in real estate entailed 2.5 VND of construction materials and thousands of items... Thus, buying land is to "bury money" into the land. Therefore, the purchase of land must be limited, not limited to buying houses.

Secondly, the trend of investors investing in local real estate rushes to the provinces and cities, but to the provinces with the sea such as Hai Phong and Hung Yen... Here, cheap land is easy but the localities still distribute Large agricultural development, it is impossible to "soak" land there. Therefore, it is necessary to assess and anticipate difficulties. So the real estate businesses of the present time must be "defensive", but not attack.

Assessing the market prospects in the coming time, Mr. Tran Kim Chung - Deputy Director of the Central Institute for Management Research said that there were 3 possibilities for the real estate market in the last months of 2019. Firstly, if the market kept moving normally, nothing happened and it would go flat with a slight correction. Secondly, there would be 3 emerging real estate groups: industrial real estate, high-end and super-high-end real estate, rental housing at affordable levels. Thirdly, the world economic fluctuation was not favorable and Vietnam was only affected by it, and the macro economy only went sideways, the real estate market might adjust and if it did, it must be the end of the year. "Therefore, I think that this year is a year of stable economic development and the real estate market does not have much momentum but not weak" - Mr. Chung shared.

Observing the reality on the current real estate market, after a scarce time of supply, the real estate market is tending to appear a new product launch of enterprises at the end of the year, especially in HCMC.

Specifically, in the East area, a series of projects are being implemented in 2019. Typically, Rome by Diamond Lotus project is invested by Phuc Khang. This project is located right at the front of Mai Chi Tho intersection - Dong Van Cong - where there is a busy traffic density and a connection point with many other areas, the future will have an additional metro station No. 2. It is known that the project has high-class facilities such as an endless saltwater mineral pool of 1,100m2, a Roman garden of 3,000m2... The project is consulted by DKRA Vietnam and distributed with a policy of paying only 10% in the first installment and only pay a total of 50% until the house is received.

In addition, the South Saigon market has just recorded the appearance of a 14.36-hectare Eco Green Saigon project, which possesses a prime location in front of Nguyen Van Linh Street (Tan Thuan Ward, District 7). Currently the project is being distributed at a price of 2.3 billion VND/unit and has a very positive absorption rate. According to some information, this project is developing a commercial and service building with the highest 69 floors in the South.

A second largest project in the South area with a total area of nearly 350 hectares invested by GS Nha Be Development Co., Ltd. (Korea) is preparing to start again after many years of "motionless". The project includes many types of houses: villas, low-rise apartment buildings, high-rise apartment buildings and complex housing areas.

Besides the ongoing projects, the market will welcome more new projects in the near future. Specifically, Ho Chi Minh City recently "unleashed" 124 real estate projects on the list of 150 projects under investigation as related to the purchase and sale of public land continued to implement the project. In addition, HCMC has just announced to allow 160 new real estate projects to be added to the list of projects implemented for the City housing market in the period of 2016-2020. These projects will be difficult to implement immediately in 2019. However, it will help the market in the following years to ensure new, uninterrupted project supply.

According to the experts, with the recovery of supply and a series of commodity plans of big enterprises in the market, the real estate market from now till the end of the year will continue to have fierce competition to win customers buy house.

According to Lan Nhi – Tri Thuc Tre